The Five Brothers

With the passing of my brother, I have been busy going through pictures as we try to prepare for the funeral and came across these group pictures of the five boys together. It’s amazing how few I actually have of all five of us. For my dear sweet sister’s sake, I have also included one with her and her mother and all of us.

1978… O the Hair!

This was taken on Christmas day 1978 at my Dad’s home on Bayou Glenn in Houston.

TheFive 001

I’m on the left wearing my brand-new Pink Floyd T-shirt. Since this was the 1970s, it would be the only day I ever wore that shirt. David is next to me in plaid, Stoke is on the floor, Gene (Scooter) is on the couch and John is to the right. And if you look close, my step mother and sister, Amy, also made the picture by being in the picture on the wall. I guess that was a 1970s version of a photo bomb.

Ski Colorado For Christmas

The following was Christmas 1988 up in Colorado. I can’t remember the town, but they had a ski resort near by. This one has both Dad & Liz, Amy’s mother, along with Amy! We had such a good time that week in the snow.

TheFive 002

L to r: John, Gene, Stoke, Liz, Dad, Amy, David and Timothy.

I remember that week for two big reasons. The first was the downing of the jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, and the fact that I had no money when I got there, and had more no money when I left. I think you need to ask one of my brothers how I bet them $10 that I could shake a snow-covered tree and get out from under it without getting hit by the fall out. Let’s just point out that the above pic was taken “before” the bet was carried out because my hair is dry in the photo. I didn’t lose any money, but I didn’t win either.

Mom’s Funeral

This was taken at our mother’s funeral back in August 2005. At first, I didn’t like the picture, but over time, it has become much more important.

Stoke 018The little girl is Christa, John’s youngest daughter. She was photo bombing before photo bombing was cool.

I had one more of all five of us with Dad from Amy’s wedding, but alas, it is copyright photo and don’t have permission from the photographer.


5 thoughts on “The Five Brothers

  1. Love these! They are great pictures of all of you together…memories! Cherish your memories! May your brother rest in peace and be held in the arms of his Jesus!


  2. Timothy, Your tribute to Stokely is beautiful.
    The last time I saw Stokely was in 2011 on or near Thanksgiving, which fell on my 79th birthday.
    Becky and Stokely prepared a feast including a cheese cake for my birthday cake made by Becky. It was complete with candles and Becky and Stokely singing “Happy Birthday”. We had so much fun laughing, eating, and talking.
    I wanted water to drink and Stokely made a trip to the store just to get a special bottle of water for me. I still have the bottle.
    You were a sweet, generous, fun-loving man, and you brought happiness into many lives. You are deeply missed.
    May you rest in peace in the arms of God.


    • Hi Joy, thanks for sharing that. The stories I heard today along the same lines really showed me just how so many loved him. He really was a special man.


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