Merry Christmas

Some 2,000 years ago on this day, give or take 180 days, God became flesh and dwelt among us. Out of all the things that had happened before or since, none of them compare with what took place in the manger in Bethlehem through the virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit. The Second Person of the Trinity became one of us.

That was and is spectacular because the very One who created us became a part of His creation in order to save some. In fact, His entire mission would be to save His people. This is why He was given the name Jesus. Matthew explains that the meaning of this name is, “He will save His people.” So even in His name, we have His mission statement: to save those that belong to Him.

This may seem a bit exclusive, especially since it is Christmas day and there is supposed to be peace on earth, goodwill toward men. But even that phrase in the Greek is exclusive and should be translated: goodwill toward men who have found His favor!

But the point is that He came to save some and show mercy to some. Being among those is the greatest blessing to have because it means that a person has gone from being a child of wrath to a child of God, adopted through His blood. It is a gift from the Father and received only by faith. If you have received it, then this should truly be a Merry Christmas.


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