And Now From the Mind of Mark Driscoll

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to say that I’m back. I know, you’ve waited for what seems like forever for me to return. But you know, I had to do that old humble and contrite act us megalomaniacs have to do every now and then. So after much prayer and fasting, actually just sleeping late every day, I’ve come to the conclusion I should return to full-time ministry. When you are as coveted as I am, sometimes it goes to my head. But trust me, I’m completely under control now and won’t make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past. In view of it all, I’ve launched my new, improved web site… which is just a reflection of the new and improved Mark Driscoll! I know, some of you are asking, “How could I improve at all, I’m so darned perfect?” But alas, we can all improve, even if it’s just a tad.

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“I Covet Your Prayers!”

A dear friend asked me about the statement that people often make when in need of prayer, saying, “I covet your prayers.” Her concern was that coveting is associated with the Commandment not to covet your neighbor’s wife, or anything else your neighbor might possess.

If the Hebrew word itself was in the negative, then yes, coveting someone’s prayers might be a bad thing and we would not want to covet something that should be freely given.

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