The Veggies Tales Rejection

The boys grew up watching Veggie Tales, the movies, the episodes, the works. It was only a few short years ago that Andy and I were anticipating the release of their last movie, hoping to catch it in the theaters. We missed it. It must have lasted about 2 days in the theaters because we never heard a word about it.

We did get their last movie on DVD. Andy and Joey loved it. However, over the last two years, since they have grown up and all, they have completely rejected the entire Veggies Tales collection! Actually, last year they protested the movies and episodes but would still watch it if I put it on. That was a little game I loved to play. Listen to them complain and watch them plop down on the couch nonetheless.

That came to an end this morning. Both boys flat out rejected my attempts to get them to sit down and watch it. Their rejection was complete! I can’t help but chuckle.

Now for the kicker: they both refused to watch it or even be in the house while it was on. They are outside playing, leaving me in Veggie Tales peace!


2 thoughts on “The Veggies Tales Rejection

  1. We enjoyed those when our kids were young.

    To Phil Vischer’s credit, he decided that he had watered down too much in the Veggie Tales series and then made these Bible videos — .

    We used them for an inner-city Awana group last year and they went over well. I think the church would be much better off it all adults were made to watch them! Seriously, they were kid-friendly but made excellent and important points about every book of the Bible. Most adults in church don’t know the things in these videos.


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