Kyle Field Implosion

I wasn’t sure I could get the boys out of bed this morning, but we were going to try. We heard that there would be an implosion of the west side of Kyle Field at 8 a.m. and we wanted to see it. I know that many foes of A&M have wanted to see that implosion for years, but that is another issue.

We made it with time to spare and found a great place to see the event. It helps that we didn’t need breakfast before we left the house. The church had donuts and fruit.

As we waited, we could hear the sirens going off telling us less than a minute. The crowd around us grew quite. Then… the loudest explosion I think I’ve ever heard went off and … about 18 seconds later, the west side of Kyle Field was rubble.

It was funny because Andy jumped behind me at the first explosion. It was that loud. Joey just stood ff.

When I get time, I will post Andy’s reaction. It’s priceless. But until then, here is one video of the destruction.