Postmodern Jukebox — Maps

I have to admit that I’m really impressed with Postmodern Jukebox here of late. This is my second posting of one of their songs. The first song covers All About the Bass with a 1940s sound to it. The reason they are impressing me so is that the vocalists can actually sing and you can even hear what they are saying. So much of the music today is sung poorly, lacks clarity and sounds like everyone has a cold (they are singing through their nose). Not so with these musicians. They are worth listening to because they are talented and actually improving upon the songs that they decide to sing.

This video is the remake of Maps, the Maroon 5’s hit song, and it is much better than the original, since it is done with a Motown/Soul twist to it. Morgan James is the lead singer and she nails it.

By the way, I just bought my first album by Postmodern Jukebox and found out that they have quite a few. For that, I’m grateful.