Half Day of School/Christmas Post

We only have a half day of school and the classes are only 20 minutes long, so there is not much getting done. In view of that, I had my first period class write down what they thought was important to know about Christmas.

Samantha wrote:

I love giving presents to kids who have nothing and can’t have Christmas.

From Bailee:

I want people to know that Christmas is about Jesus and not Santa.

Deisy added:

Christmas is when Jesus was born. That is more important than presents.

Joe wrote:

This Christmas holiday, remember it’s all about giving, not receiving. Be thankful for what you get.

And finally, Chloe wrote:

Christmas is not just about ‘opening presents’ or ‘eating a lot of food.’ It’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus, celebrating with your family. Don’t forget that.

Not a bad sampling at all. Seems that they have a pretty good understanding of the holiday.