New York and the Movies

I watch a lot of science fiction movies because I like the genre. By doing so, I have come to the conclusion that the one city you do not want to live in, in the science fiction/super hero world, is New York City. Just think about how many times we’ve seen New York City blown to bits because it was getting invaded by aliens from another world, or got hit by a giant tsunami or turned into a penal colony. New York is not a great place to live, just because it is faced with the burden of the backdrop for hundreds of sci-fi/action-hero based movies.

Just think about the movie Avengers. The city had tons of destruction. It was so bad, city leaders were outraged at what the Avengers had done to it. Never mind the fact that they were trying to protect the good people of New York in the process. The politicians had an excuse to bloviate.

New York is also doomed because of Spiderman. This is because the webbed-hero wouldn’t last 20 minutes in a city like… well, Brenham, TX because he would have no buildings to swing from. He could probably swing from a few, but would be better off walking across the street than trying to get around using his webs. Spidy is bound to the New York City skyline for his effectiveness. That means every time he shows up, destruction will follow. You think the good people of New York City would realize they are doomed, and move to… Little Rock.

Let’s fact it. Some cities just don’t warrant alien invasion and those are the places to live. In fact, most of the cities in the midwest are probably safe from ceulloid cataclysmic destruction. But for New York, Los Angelos, San Francisco and Chicago, you will be forever doomed in the sci-fi, superhero worlds. Good luck with that.


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  1. Apparently, Timothy, you have not yet had the pleasure of viewing, or you have simply overlooked THE BLOB. No one. is. safe.


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