The Pledge of Allegiance

Please Note: I know what I write might be quite controversial. I’m not seeking to be. Feel free to respectfully disagree with me in the comments section, and even feel free to try and change my mind.

I heard on the radio this week, or maybe last week, that there is another challenge by atheists to have the phrase “under God” removed from the pledge of allegiance. This has been challenged many times by atheist. It is sort of a rite or passage for them, or a sacrament, you might say.

The challenge has always lost because the courts see the phrase “under God” as a ceremonial phrase and not directly related to the living and true God of the Bible. This is done so that anyone who believes in a god at all, will be satisfied. This is enough for me to back out on saying the pledge. There is only one true God, the Triune God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Any other references to any other god is blasphemy in my book.

But this is not the only problem I have with it. The other problem I have with this is that I am not really sure I want to pledge my allegiance to the flag, or this country. I know, to utter such words is patriotic blasphemy. But ever since I became a Christian, I became aware of the reality that I’m not home. The United States is NOT my country. I don’t see it, or any other government, as anything more than God’s ordained instrument to keep peace. We are not the New Jerusalem in any way, shape or form. The USA is just one nation among many nations, no more or less holy than any other nation.

My kingdom, and the one that I feel most convicted about, is not a kingdom like the United States, or Russia. It’ a Kingdom based upon the gospel and a true King: the King of kings, Jesus Christ. Given that reality, and the fact that He told us we cannot serve two masters, I don’t have a real zeal for the pledge of allegiance. I’m just not gifted enough to attempt the two-master’s lifestyle. It’s hard enough being loyal to Christ, much less adding the burden of being loyal to a shifty, fallen government or country.

So in view of that, when the pledge is being said, I very respectfully not say those words. Unless you are looking right at me, you will never notice that. I’m not trying to be a stumbling block for those who feel quite zealous and religious towards our pledge and our country. But I feel to pledge my loyalty to… a piece of cloth? is out of bounds for my conscience.

Please realize, that when I was an active pastor, I sought to remove the flag from ever sanctuary where I served. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but when the people of God meet together to worship the holy and living God, our nationalities and the symbols of our nationality should be set aside. No fellow Christian should have to try and worship with fellow Christians by being distracted by the symbol that represents our nation. As a Christian, worshiping the living and true God, the only signs before us should be the sign of communion and baptism. Those are the only symbols the LORD has given us for worship.

Given that, my allegiance is to Christ the King and Him alone. I feel no need to pledge allegiance to something that could be considered idolatry and represents a fallen group of power-hungry despots in Washington. If we are going to choose between the two, I strongly recommend choosing Christ. Allegiance to Him is lasting and eternal. Not so for our country or our flag. When He comes again, our country and our flag, will be under HIS judgment just like every other nation.

Therefore I pledge allegiance to Christ, my LORD and Savior, and to Him alone. I respect others freedom to pledge allegiance to the flag, but will not join in that allegiance.