All About That (Upright) Bass

Had to post it, I love it too much! Love Kate Davis’s voice and accent. She is truly blessed.

I also love the irony that when I was listening to it again tonight, there was an add just below the video for Macy’s, with a stick-figure Barbie doll, photoshopped model advertising their Black Friday sales. Quite honestly, the model looked more like a skinny boy than a woman.


One thought on “All About That (Upright) Bass

  1. Mary Simposn

    I had not heard this version…but I LIKE it !!!
    Meghan Trainor sings, and wrote the song. She has a little more sass when singing it. She also wrote/sings Close Your Eyes and Lips are Moving.
    Sassy songs, but about the same idea of not having the perfect body in life.


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