Non-Controversial Blog Post

In an attempt to be non-controversial, here is my latest opinion: puppies are cute.

Unless of course, you have a dog phobia… in which case, kittens are cute.

Unless of course, you hate cats… so flowers are pretty.

Unless you have allergies… poofy clouds are happy clouds.

Unless you see clouds as inanimate objects… air… we need air… especially clean air.

Water is good for you in small doses.

Bathing several times a week is probably a good idea, along with brushing your teeth.

Trees… have leaves… except in the winter.

The days are growing shorter… but are still 24 hours long.

I like green grass. I hope you do too.

The letter “p” needs to be stricken from the alphabet for three reasons…

There are two kinds of people, those who recognize this truth, and those who don’t.

Confucius say: He who go to bed with itchy bottom, wake up with smelly fingers.

It wasn’t until after the invention of the wheel that the chicken finally crossed the road.

College students dress like all their classes are gym classes.

I love the sound of trains going through College Station.

Oreo cookies are better dunked in whole milk.

There is sand on the beach.

I met a woman named Sharon today. Both her husband and son have cancer. She needs our prayers. She is the most important lady in the Heap building at A&M. She is the cleaning lady. I always treat her with the upmost in kindness because she is so important. She also happens to be nice and wanted to know why I’m not pastoring a church somewhere.

I like eggs for breakfast.

I met a woman from Great Britain today. We talked about Wellies, slavery, beer, organized religion and rain. (Wellies are what they call rubber boots, named after the Duke of Wellington).

I got to tell her about the woman I knew in Great Britain who when to a high-society picnic, in which everyone needed to wear Wellies because of the rain. The woman was wearing green Wellies as opposed to black ones. The Queen of England came over and talked to her. So I’ve met a woman who met the Queen.

The woman I spoke to today told me that is because green Wellies are worn by the upper class, and black Wellies are worn by the commoners. Apparently they still have that class thing going on in Britain.

I have a bad headache from my allergies. It makes me sleepy.

I’m really tired of being stressed for so many reasons. I wish Jesus would come soon. I have so little to look forward to.


2 thoughts on “Non-Controversial Blog Post

  1. This is totally unrelated, but the wellies made me think of it. I was once walking in a public place with friend from Scotland. I saw a guy wearing a fanny pack. I said, ‘Hey, check out the guy with the fanny pack.’ My Scottish friend turned really red and then told me ‘fanny’ was a very embarrassing word in Scotland.

    On another note. I’m bringing some cheer here, that’s all: Ole Miss is playing Presbyterian this week. My running joke has been ‘the only way Presbyterian is going to beat Ole Miss is if they are predestined to win.’ Hayo. I’ll be here all night.

    The ESV’s not perfect by the way 🙂 But’s it’s my favorite translation. 😉


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