Bad Preacher Dreams

We all have recurring nightmares and dreams. It is usually some embarrassing situation about showing up to class wearing only underwear, or giving a presentation in a bathing suit. I still have the dream about being enrolled in a class at Texas A&M and forgetting to attend that class all semester long until finals, when I realize I have to go take a final for a class that I forgot I had.

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Why I Want to Be a Pilot

I saw this in a barbecue restaurant over in College Station, TX and had to take a picture of it for my Dad, the pilot. I love this boy’s reasoning as he closes out the letter. Sorry the edges are cut off, but you will get this gist.


Chili Rellenos for Thanksgiving

This is the time of year that I start thinking about chili rellenos. Most people start thinking about turkey, stuffing, being stuffed by turkey and stuffing and football. But not me. I think about chili rellenos, because my mother had the world’s best chili relleno recipe.

It was so good that she always cooked chili rellenos for us on Thanksgiving instead of turkey, gravy and stuffing. Well, not always, but for the most part. She would save the turkey for Christmas.

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Two Changes I Wish the ESV Would Make

I’ve been toying with the idea of switching from my New King James Version Bible translation to the English Standard Version. If you have been around in evangelical circles for long, you know that the ESV is the new kid on the block concerning acceptable translations. In fact, Ligonier Ministries has so much confidence in the ESV that they shifted their Reformation Study Bible from the NKJV to the ESV.

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Post Election Thoughts

I know that many are rejoicing about the gains the Republicans made in Tuesday’s election. I’m less than enthusiastic about the results because we’ve been here before. Remember, under George Bush, we had a Republican led house and senate, and the Republicans completely blew it by not acting with the power they had been given.

I really don’t have a lot of hope that the next Congress will be any different. Yes, there were some conservatives elected, but nothing will really change as long as moderates, like Mitch McConnell, remain in power. They will seek to water every thing down, making the legislation Democrat Lite.

This reality reminds me of one of my favorite songs: “my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ and His righteousness…”