National Organization for Women Proves the Point: Women Are the Weaker Sex

Three, two, one! “Misogynist!” I’m just anticipating the response of those who support the National Organization for Women in even addressing the topic for two reasons: first, I’m a man and lack the proper plumbing to speak about women’s issues at all, and secondly, since I’m a man, I’m already a misogynist simply because my cultural trappings and upbringing… blah, blah, blah.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, I was thinking about NOW because Neil had an article on his Round Up that shows how NOW really isn’t interested in helping women who are truly suffering from war. The article states that women right’s groups  are more concerned about getting birth control for woman at $10 a pop, while their sisters across the globe are being sold by ISIS for $10 a pop. Where is the outrage from these groups? There isn’t any.

Neil also has an article showing how these same groups that supposedly fight for women’s rights, actually laughed at the fact that Bristol Pailin was physically assaulted and robbed.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the left and these groups, their only concern is for abortion rights, not women who are mistreated or sold into slavery.

It was after taking all this in that it occurred to me, simply by the existence of organizations like NOW, it proves the Apostle Peter’s point: women are the weaker sex and need someone to champion them. Here are Peter’s words:

Husbands, likewise, dwell with them with understanding, giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel (1 Peter 3:7).

What Peter is telling us, not that we don’t already know, is that women need men to take care of them. This is how God designed women. He didn’t make them to be independent, and didn’t make any of us to be independent. But women, being made different than men, are the weaker vessel (this is actually a compliment. Peter means that they are the more valuable vessel, like fine China. Not some iron-skillet, like men).

The point is that women always need someone looking out for them, to be their protective head. The problem is that NOW, and other like-organizations, have substituted themselves and government for that protective head. We see this in the current culture war where women are demanding that government provide them with birth control. Instead of looking to their husbands to provide, they are looking to government and tax payers.

I hope you can see the destructive and subtle shift that has taken place through the feminist movement. Women have not been empowered, or freed, or any such liberal nonsense. They have just lost out on God’s ordained headships for their lives and substituted man-made headships. This is why feminism is the root cause of the war on women. None of their causes truly benefit women, as you would expect, when groups take up large scale efforts to thwart God’s ordained protection for those groups. This is why liberal causes always fail. They are looking to themselves and man-made philosophies to take care of things instead of looking to God’s word.

It is really sad, because women miss the reality that they are to be championed by men, and that if they were willing to agree to this principle, they might not need so many abortions in the first place. In other words, women need to quit thinking like men: women, you  cannot have sex all you want without consequences. God didn’t design you that way.

But the purpose of all this is that just the existence of such organizations like NOW and Planned Parenthood, proves the point: women are the weaker sex and need to be protected. The real question is: are they going to be protected by the government and organizations like NOW that are myopic in their rolls, or by men: husbands, fathers and brothers?

Yes, I know husbands, fathers, and brothers are fallen and imperfect. But we are created and called by God to take care of the weaker sex. Women’s groups are not created by God to protect the weaker sex. In their attempts to subvert God’s plan, these organizations actually become enemies to women, instead of protecting them. Hopefully, women across the country will realize this dreadful truth and trust in the LORD for their protection through husbands, fathers and brothers.


5 thoughts on “National Organization for Women Proves the Point: Women Are the Weaker Sex

  1. As you know, I am not a fan of NOW or abortions. But to be honest, I have a lot of problems with this post. I think too many Evangelicals wrongly interpret the Bible to say that women need a “protective head”.

    I have no problem with men looking out for women, but I do have a problem with saying that they “need” men and aren’t meant to be independent. God created men and women equal, and yes we both need God.

    But by saying that women need a protective head, it reminds me way too much of what happens in the FLDS cult. The FLDS believe that women can only get into heaven through their “priesthood head”. So, they have to cater to every desire of their husband so as not to jeopardize their entry into heaven.

    I agree that radical feminists who fight for abortion rights and neglect the plight of many women, especially conservative women, are despicable. But there are many of us who would consider ourselves to be “Susan B. Anthony feminists” that fight against the mistreatment of women all over the world.


    1. Hi Dee, I agree with you about the FLDS has truly skewed things, but still feel that in some sense, the husband in the marriage is to be the protector/provider and the spiritual leader. However, what that looks like is beyond me. What I do know is that NOW and feminist in general are acting contrary to God’s word, and doing so on purpose. Feminism is contrary to the gospel and Christianity.

      My views are obviously still in progress.


      1. I guess it depends on how you are defining feminism. To outright say that feminism is contrary to the gospel and Christianity seems a harsh statement. Fighting for women to be treated better isn’t against Christianity. And I can guarantee you that Jesus treated women (the woman at the well, etc…) much better than many men who claim to be leaders in the Christian realm.


      2. What you described is not feminism. Feminist see it as their rolls to completely destroy the family, especially husbands and it completely a reaction against God’s order. There was a post by some famous feminists sister about three weeks ago that spelled it all out. I will try and find it.


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