The Charge of Hypocrisy

We often hear the charge of hypocrisy from those outside the church. It’s an easy charge since the church is full of sinners and we tend to fall short of God’s glory like the rest of mankind.

I even had my doctor mention it to me the last time I had an appointment. She pointed out that the church was fully of hypocrites. I know the temptation is to say, “well, there is room for one more.”

But that would have missed an great opportunity. I answered her in the affirmative and said that when it comes to the heart of Christianity, we know that we are all hypocrites. That is the point. No one lives up to the righteous requirements of the Law. This is why we need Jesus as our Savior. He did live up to those requirements. In doing so, He is able to save any hypocrite that is willing to trust in Him for salvation.

I hope it and pray it planted a seed that the Spirit will water with the word. We will see. She seemed quite bitter about religion in general. In fact, her main attack was on the Roman Catholic Church and Jews in Israel. That shouldn’t surprise us since they suffer from the same problems we do. But I think it wise to admit our short comings and point to Christ. He is the answer to our hypocritical problem.