Downtown San Antonio and Redeemer Presbyterian Church

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I realized that I was lost as I walked down the streets of San Antonio. I knew where I was, but where I was, wasn’t where I was supposed to be and there was no alignment in what I saw and my destination. I was looking for Redeemer Presbyterian Church of San Antonio. That was where the presbytery meeting was being held. A fellow pastor invited me to the presbytery meeting so I could get to know some of our fellow pastors  throughout south Texas. I would not be there as a presbyter, because my membership is in another presbytery. I would be a guest.

My friend sent me the address: 309 North St. Mary’s. As I stood in the 300 to 400 block of St. Mary’s, all I saw were two large hotels. I asked a security guard in the hotel that occupied much of the 300 block of St. Mary’s. He had never heard of the church in question.

I called my friend. They gave me land marks and said I was heading the wrong direction. The landmarks were lost on me. I don’t know San Antonio well enough to be able to spot the landmarks, other than the Alamodome, the river walk, the Alamo, etc. The riverwalk was of no use to me in finding the church. The church is very close to the river walk. But so is most of downtown.

So the extra help that I thought I would get when I called, didn’t help. I stood there as the sun beat down on my back. I moved to some shade. Time to google the church, which is what I should have done in the first place. I googled and it came right up. I looked for the address and when I saw it, I remembered that my fellow pastor was dyslexic. No wonder I couldn’t find the church, I was about six blocks too far south. What my friend sent me was 309 North St. Mary’s. The church was located at 903 North St. Mary’s. Made perfect sense.

Ten minutes later I was driving into the parking lot. The diversion only cost me $15 for unnecessary parking, but gave me a chance to roam the streets. All-in-all, not a bad hiccup in my journey.


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