Roundup That Matters

Mormons in Transition — I really appreciate the Institute for Religious Research’s article on why Mormonism is not Christian, nor just another denomination of Protestantism. This article not only points out the problems with Mormonism, but also gives links to other articles supporting the claims as well. The only area I caution is that while Joseph Smith was a real dirt back (sleeping with teenage girls and other men’s wives), this is not a good argument to use against Mormonism, since so many of those who wrote scripture lacked moral character at times in their lives as well. Yet, the article is very helpful and helps us see that in the end, Mormons only sure fire means of justification of their faith is based on feelings, not cold hard facts. We have seen this to be true here on this blog, when dialoging with Mormons. In my last foray in the fight, in the end, the Mormon based his argument on reading the Book of Mormon and it feeling just right to him. We don’t base our faith on feelings, but on spiritual truth found in Scripture.

The article also refutes the claims that Mormonism is true based on DNA evidence. They say that the American Indians are part of the lost tribes of Israel. This claim can be refuted using DNA testing (and yes, Mormons will say that DNA testing is only good for two generations. Based on what, I’m not sure. Probably some Mormon DNA expert who set out to prove that point).

It also really drives home the point that Mormons don’t see the Bible as God’s word:

Mormonism pays lip service to the Bible, but only uses it when and where it appears to support Mormon teachings. Joseph made the baseless claim the Bible was unreliable and missing important parts. This opened the door for Joseph to produce his own revelations. The Mormon Church now claims these “Latter-day revelations” trump the Bible, so if any Mormon scripture conflicts with the Bible the Bible has to be wrong. Is it any wonder almost every Christian denomination considers Mormonism a spurious and counterfeit form of Christianity?

Salt Lake TempleThere is a complete lack of evidence from science, the Bible and history to support Mormon claims. No wonder the Mormon Church asks people to ignore objective evidence and rely on their feelings to evaluate the Joseph Smith story. Mormon missionaries make it sound spiritual to pray and ask God if Joseph is a true prophet rather than looking carefully at the life and teachings of their founder. But is it really “spiritual” to try and get a good feeling about something being true, while you ignore all the evidence that points to it being false?

Trey Gowdy coming through again in dealing with the left and their view of justice.


Shalom, ****** — I know this one has profanity in the headline, but this Israeli really makes the point about the thoughtless masses here in the United States who side with Hamas. He gives us a real picture of what it is like living under the constant threat of attack by rockets from the terrorist organization that has sworn to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. (Gee, like that would be enough to help the drones on the left to see that maybe a group who has sworn genocide in their purpose statement, might not be all that loving in who they are. But that’s just me.) Eitan Chitayat writes:

This is not a game.

I was speaking to my father this evening and he advised me, like a good father does, bless him, to not speak my mind on Facebook. Why go to the trouble? But he’s looking out for his son knowing I’ll face backlash.

Look, we remained silent in the 30′s and look where it got us. We hoped rational people would see sense and refused to believe that people were capable of evil. And where did that get us? Trainrides straight to the gas chambers by REAL mass murderers. And there are those today who follow directly in the footsteps of the Nazis and who state proudly that they want to see all Jews dead, all of israel wiped off the face of the earth. (It is in Hamas’ offical charter – I’m serious – look). And why? Not because of ‘stolen land’ and politics but because they’re misguided, pitiful, hateful people who hate Jews and don’t give a damn about their people. Because anyone who gives a damn about their people would try giving them a future and not use them as pawns in a sick game of death and 72 virgins.

No, I will not remain silent while lies are spread about my country, my people, my culture, my values. I will be the FIRST in line to condemn my leaders and countrymen and women when they do wrong – as we do.
(And we do). But we are in the right here and I will not be quiet.

You may not like the Jews, but to side with Hamas is to side with the likes of Hitler. I know, Hitler comparisons are overused. But both Hamas and Hitler had the same purpose in mind: wipe out the Jews. Again, it’s one thing to dislike them, it is quite another to want to destroy them and wipe them from the face of the earth. I think it best that we support Israel. They bent over backwards to give the Palestinians the Gaza Strip, yet this was not enough. Palestinians want to kill Jews so bad that they are willing to place rocket launchers in the midst of their hospitals and schools. Their hatred for the Jews exceeds their love for their children. That should show you what barbarians they truly are.

Big Bang Theory’s Amy Farrah Fowler — Also known as Mayim Bialik, she really impressed me this week for taking a stand for Israel. She is Jewish and has used some of her money from the show to provide Israeli Defense Forces with bullet proof vests. Kudos to her! She puts her money where her mouth is. Of course, she runs the risk of being run out of Hollywood for daring to support Israel publicly, since we know that doing so is politically incorrect (if you are politically incorrect, that probably means you are very correct). But she has a good head on her shoulders and responded by posting this statement:

If you hate me for being jewish or a supporter of the right of Israel to exist, kindly post on pages that support your opinions rather than trying to bully me and other people who are Jewish. I’m sorry there is so much hatred and miseducation but we won’t fix it by name calling Jewish celebrities, I promise. God bless America for letting us have our own opinions and God bless Israel for allowing jews to have a home. I pray for a peaceful state for Palestinians who also seek peace and want to pursue it. Not sure there is more to say.

I agree, not sure what else you can say. Either you are blind to the fact that Hamas is a terrorist group or you just hate the Jews, or both. But you cannot claim to be for peace and side with those who instigated the current conflict and are willing to kill their own children in their hatred of the Jews.

Texas A&M Football — Only 26 days until the first football game against the University of South Carolina! Exciting!


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  1. Hadn’t seen that Bialik stuff before. Good for her. It’s quite refreshing to hear. At present, I have posted on this latest MidEast dust-up and expressed my opinion that Israel should take off the kid gloves and lay waste until there is no more Hamas threat or supporters willing to take the chance. That, in my opinion, is truly the only way the constant attacks can ever be stopped: stop the attackers completely and with extreme prejudice. It will result in civilian casualties at a level thus far not seen, but most of the civilian population supports the total annihilation of Israel, anyway, so their cries of victimhood don’t move me. (I still recall the dancing in the streets after the felling of the Twin Towers).

    That being said, I have no problem with those arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” having a homeland. Some already do. Those who are truly peaceful and not looking to destroy Israel have a home in Israel and thrive. The rest? They could do similarly and thrive in Gaza. Or, those arab nations that are their true nation of origin can accept them instead of rejecting them for use as propaganda tools. But at this point, they have far more than they deserve in terms of land. They just prefer to use that land as a launch point for further attacks on Israel rather than making it a true nation. I, frankly, don’t care if they ever achieve statehood and don’t believe they are deserving. Three or four generations of peaceful coexistence with the rest of the world, and Israel specifically, might prove they’re serious about it and only then should statehood be considered.

    In the meantime, I support Israel. The Palestinians? Not so much.


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