Friday Facebook Proverbs

Another week, another stash of Facebook proverbs. The first one shows some true wisdom. As comedian Ron White so appropriately pointed out in his retelling of the time he got thrown out of the bar in New York, “I don’t know how many it would have taken to kick my a**, but I know how many they were going to use. That’s an important piece of information right there.”

140620 001

 Not much into funeral humor, but I found this one funny.

140620 002

Put’s the arguments against gun violence in perspective. At least I hope it does. Given the foolishness that has risen rule in our culture, there may be Senators banning together right now to ban assault forks.

140620 003

And another one pointing out the left’s foolishness…

140620 004


My Dad is convinced I’m not a morning person. But to those of you who are really not morning people, you will like this one:

140620 005

 Since we had a Friday the 13th last Friday, I didn’t see this one until too late. However, I did turn on the light before going into the dark room.

140620 006


140620 007

I really loved this one!

140620 008


And finally, from the Washington Examiner on the mediocre sales of Hillary Clinton’s new book. They decided to make a chart comparing Clinton’s first-week books sales to Sarah Palin’s first-week book sales for Going Rogue. Palin wins by a mile.

140620 009