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A proverb is a statement that has wisdom to it, or has some general truth. There are all kinds of proverbs. For instance, we know there are Chinese proverbs like the one I grew up with: “Confucious say, ‘He who poot in church sit in his own pew.'” I have yet to share that with my boys, and for some reason, can remember it like I heard it yesterday. DISCLAIMER: This may not actually be a Chinese proverb. But of all the Chinese proverbs I have heart, this is the only one I can remember.

We also know of the Proverbs from the Bible, in which God shares HIS wisdom with us. Like this one: Do not overwork to be rich; because of your own understanding, cease! Will you set your eyes on that which is not? For riches certainly make themselves wings; They fly away like an eagle toward heaven. I certainly could write an entire post just about this alone.

But for the post, I’m sharing some Facebook Proverbs. These proverbs are not meant to provide wisdom, understanding, but are just usually statements about a situation or problem that is humorous or makes a really good point. Some of them are graphics, some are just things I’ve seen written, or have written myself.

For instance, here is my latest status update: When a fundamentalist Baptist sees you holding a Coors Light, he gets mad because you are drinking a beer. When a Reformed Presbyterian sees you holding a Coors Light, he gets mad because you call it beer.

To which Lance added these two:

The CEOs of Anheuser, Coors, and Guiness were having dinner at a brewer’s convention. The Bud CEO ordered a Bud Light, the Coors CEO ordered a Coors and the Guiness CEO ordered an iced tea. To the quizzical looks of his companions the Guiness CEO replied, “Well, you weren’t drinking beer so I thought I shouldn’t either.”


What’s the difference between a Southern Baptist and a Presbyterian? The Presbyterian will smile at you while coming out of the liquor store.

Here is a graphic I found quite humorous:


I’ve had a lot of friends roll into and out of my life, so it truly resonates. This proverb makes me grateful for the occasional octopus that sticks around.

This one, I’ve actually posted upon, but it’s floating around FB again so I thought I would share it:


This graphic states more truth than the original bumper sticker can imply. This is why it’s worth repeating.

I still chuckle at the following one:


Help us see the reality of eating too many those sugar-filled concoctions, or maybe it’s just the progression of life. We get old, we get fat and we don’t usually die until we lose the weight all over again. It’s like my Granny. For years she was always overweight. But the last three years of her life, she lost a ton of weight. Then she died. Using really bad logic, one could conclude: Don’t LOSE Weight! It Could Kill You!

This one I found quite humorous, but still haven’t received any money.


Maybe I need a few more rich friends… wait… maybe I need a rich friend… then again, if they were rich, they would never tell me, so I would never know.

From the church-sign category:


Me and several friends have running jokes about how stupid most church-signs are. One friend even sent me a book about it, with pictures and everything. So apparently church-signs are becoming their own form of proverb, although I would not recommend anyone set out to add a church-sign ministry to their church.

And finally, one that is slightly political, but makes a wonderful point:


Enjoy the weekend, especially the LORD’s day by worshipping Him in the evangelical, Bible preaching, believing, adhering, obeying church of your choice.

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