Deniers and Liars: Scientific Data Only Gives us Two Choices on Climate Change


Newsflash: Man Has No Impact on the Climate — Well, that is the headline that should be stated, but given the Left’s tendency to libel anyone who disagrees with them and their looney positions, we won’t see it. I’m referring to the constant barrage of “climate change” politics that has been taking place for the last 20 years. To doubt their claims is to be labeled a “denier” because you are going against consensus science, which isn’t science at all. These same people have tried to label the deniers as those who are akin to the misbelief that the world was flat back in 1492. Please realize the irony there. It was the “consensus scientists” of that day that believed the world was flat.

Point is, this story from IJReview shows through 25 graphics that global warming, which hasn’t occurred in the past 17 years, is not affected by mankind. It just happens. Well, I don’t believe that. I believe God sovereignly controls the weather like everything else. But I don’t expect the IJReview to take that position.

In this graph you can see that the temperature has fluctuated over the last several thousand years. One graph, at the site, shows that had a period of global warming not taken place, the Vikings would have not settled in Greenland. But it did and now we have the Minnesota Vikings and Viking Clan to thank for it.

Anyway, the point is that the science and evidence we have concludes that periods of warming and cooling have taken place throughout history and man has no impact on the weather.

Global Temps


2 thoughts on “Deniers and Liars: Scientific Data Only Gives us Two Choices on Climate Change

  1. Robin Mcmillin

    Hi Timothy, I have enjoyed reading your blog. Excellent point made about the levels of sin (different judgements for different sins), as most people seem to believe that sin is sin with no variation in God’s eyes, or at least that has been my experience in conversation. Is there a way I can order the Jesus stain glass print that I have seen on your blog? I would love to purchase it so that I can make it! Robin


    1. Hi Robin,
      Glad you are encouraged by my posts.

      As for the stain glass print, I’m not sure what you are talking about. I don’t recall ever posting such a picture (I’m a strong observer of the Second Commandment). Where are you seeing this print?

      Have a wonderful Lord’s Day.


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