Argo, Russia the Ukraine

ArgoIt’s becoming obvious that if you want an up-to-date movie review, Timothy Matters is not the place be. I rarely go to movies when they first hit the big screen because of the expense. Yes, I do go to the matinees when I go, but I also insist on popcorn, candy  and a drink so I can enjoy the full-movie experience.

It’s much cheaper to go through Netflix to watch all the latest movies. This week, I’ve watched Argo and Lawless. Both were exceedingly well done and had me on the edge of my couch. Actually, that’s not true. During Argo, I jumped up several times to pace back and forth, so technically I wasn’t on the edge of my seat.

For those who don’t know, Argo is about the rescuing of six Americans from Tehran during the 1979-80 hostage crisis in which more than a hundred Americans were held hostage by Iranian Islamist (note the lack of the adjective “radical?”) The movie shows the real brutality of those who led in the take over of the American Embassy and the treatment of the hostages.

It wasn’t about the failed rescue attempt put forth by the gutless president of the time, Carter. But about the successful rescue of six Americans who made it out of the embassy during the take over and were hiding at the Canadian Embassy by the CIA.

I know the producers of the movie didn’t intend this, because of their use of Carter’s monologue at the end of the movie, but they really showed how damaging liberals can be when they are in power.

The problem comes with the Liberals mindset. Liberals believe that war is the end all and be all of evil itself. Yes, war is a necessary evil, but that does not mean the good cannot result from a war. Because of their belief, when they are in power, they always weaken America.

This is why there are so many similarities between Argo and what is taking place in the Ukraine. Both Administrations were convinced that the only way to bring about peace is through negotiations. They have bought into the lie that if someone is a bully, it is bullying to use force to stop that bully. All this really does is embolden the bully to continue bullying.

I had this conversation with my son last weekend. He was asking if we were at war, and I told him that we were not, but that we lost the last two wars because the current president pulled us out of Afghanistan and Iraq and that the men who were corrupt have returned. I also explained that this is why the Ukraine would fall. Our current president does not have the guts to truly stand with the military might that is necessary to stop someone like Putin.

It is only when we are strong militarily that we can stop such aggression. This is why the hostages were released on January 20, 1980. The movie Argo left the part out about it being the very day that Ronald Reagan was inaugurated. The Islamic leaders of that country knew better than to tangle with Reagan because he understood they way to deal with bullies, dictators and tyrants was through force. Negotiations never stop the bully/dictator/Islamist in their tracts, because they see such tactics as weak.

Just note how the aggression of Putin was halted by a few words from the Secretary of State, John Kerry. Listen to what Kerry said: “You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on a completely trumped-up pretext.” Putin retreated in terror. What? You mean, that didn’t work?

Exactly my point. Argo was a great suspenseful movie, but the underlying theme is that it happened because we had a weak president in the oval office. He didn’t know how to deal with bullies/dictators/Islamist and still does not know how to deal with them.

I’m not saying that we should be warmongers. That is just as much a sin as those who passively sit by and do nothing when dictators/Islamists/bullies advance in their domination. But we need to realize that pacifism is OK for individuals, but destructive in the leaders of governments. We live in a sinful fallen world and we cannot expect peace to reign when there is no one willing to stand up against the bullies/dictators/Islamist of the world.


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