The Life of Pi

life_of_piI finally got around to watching the movie Saturday night. I know, I should have been watching Turner Broadcasting and their non-stop Second-Commandment-Breaking Jesus-watch-athon. But I don’t have cable and I do have Netflix.

I heard the movie was good when it came out, but knew nothing of the plot or circumstances. I was surprised that it was about a Hindu Indian boy who becomes a Christian and then a Muslim, but remains a Christian/Hindu/Muslim all at the same time. Never mind the vast contradictions to that, this was the Coexist bumper sticker celluloid style.

At first I was bothered by that. Then I realized that this is exactly how most people view God. They see Islam as just another variation of Christianity, which is another variation of Hinduism. This is all impossible when you actually look at the tenants of the three belief systems, but most people don’t look at the tenants of these or their own belief systems. They are completely content with this hodgepodge of theological goop because its safe, and more importantly, easy. This is why the movie could be so popular, it fit the theological view of so many in our country. After all, in the end, all religions believe the same thing! Right?

Once I understood the movie in this context, and understood that this is where most people are, I sat back and quite enjoyed it. I liked Pi. I liked that he wouldn’t let the tiger die. I liked that he persevered. And I was quite sad for him and his loss. It was an OK movie, even if he was all mixed up religiously.

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