The Death of Sean Bean

SeanBeanI watched another movie this week where I got to see the death of Sean Bean once again. If you will recall, I wrote about this in my post last week about the Three War Movies. In that one, Age of Heroes, he died in a commando raid on a Nazi radar unit.

The most recent movie where I witnessed his death: Goldeneye, the 1995 James Bond movie. This is the first one that featured Judy Dench as M. I remember complaining about the political correctness at the time, but Judy Dench outlasted Pierce Bronson and made it into the recent Bond movies with Daniel Craig, but died in the latest movie, Skyfall.

But back to Sean Bean. Yes, he was the villain in Goldeneye and had the displeasure of dying twice in the movie. The first time, it was faked, but we didn’t know that going into the movie. The second time, he fell from the top of a radar, some 300 feet or so. He survived the fall, but then the giant radar collapsed on top of him putting him out of his misery. Knowing that Sean Bean is the actor is a pretty good indication he will probably die at some point in the movie. I think the challenge now is to find a Sean Bean movie in which his character doesn’t die.

Remember I mentioned last week that he also dies in The LORD of the Rings and Patriot Games. In LOTR, he plays Boromir and does a great job of doing so. But if you have read the books, you know he gets cut down by a bunch of orcs trying to save a couple of hobbits. It’s quite a noble death.

In Patriot Games he plays and embittered IRA terrorist (is there some redundancy in that statement?) There he dies at the hands of our hero, Harrison Ford who is playing CIA analyst Jack Ryan. Of course, we are rooting for Jack Ryan to get rid of the evil terrorist. In fact, he plays so many villains that it is hard to see him in a roll where that isn’t the part. There must be a movie out there where he is a good guy and he doesn’t die. But I don’t know what it is.