Do You Want to HEAR From God?

I was checking out the Museum of Idolatry website and found that Steven Furtick, the latest false pastor to hit the big time, likes to go around letting people know that he hears from God, so we should listen to him. That is, we should listen to Steven Furtick, not God.

Here you can see it in this poster put out by his church on why it’s such a great place to serve there:


I hope you see some problems with this. The very first one tells the employees of this church that they serve… the “Lead Pastor,” and that this “Lead Pastor” both seeks and hears from God.

I think this is the same sin that the Roman Catholics made back before the Reformation in trying to keep the bible out of the hands of the people. Furtick doesn’t want his members reading the Bible, just listening to him because he hears from God.


He also has the people of the church serving him. Should we not be serving Christ? Is He not our Mediator, Lord and Savior?

Furtick also makes a huge blunder by stating in number 7 that he pours into his employees both spiritually and professionally. I don’t want what he is pouring. Only the Spirit can do that.

We really don’t need such men. If we want to hear from God, all we need to do is pick up the Bible and read it ourselves. If we want to hear audibly from God, then we should read our Bibles out loud.

I know many go overboard at times with the priesthood of all believers, but we must remember that the true Christian is a priest and does not need someone like Furtick to look to. I’m not saying we don’t need pastors. We don’t need men like Furtick who make themselves out to be the only ones who hear from God.

Since we have the righteousness of Christ, we can enter into the holy of Holies by praying to our Father in heaven. We can hear from God daily by reading His word. We don’t need men telling us they are the “visionaries” for the church and will show us the way.

In fact, if you read Scripture including Revelation, the vision for the church is spelled out quite clearly. Persecution and suffering increase the closer we get to Christ’s return, to the point that we will all be praying for His quick return. When Jesus does return, we won’t have to lift a finger to win the battle. He does it all and true Christians from all times and ages will rejoice at the victory.

That is the vision we are given through the Apostle John. I wonder what this false teacher Furtick is doing trampling on Christ’s vision to us by offering another vision all together?

Neil has a piece on him as well, here.



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