Stick ‘Em Up!

O no! Andy found the dreaded-fake-laser-noise-making pistol! Well, it brought a smile to my face. Hope the same was true for you.




From the Department of Things That Never Really Change

Are these videos. The music these men were dancing to was replaced by something more palatable, showing how things never really change. They are doing what is called “crip walking” which you can see isn’t that far removed from river dancing. Enjoy.

The Life of Pi

life_of_piI finally got around to watching the movie Saturday night. I know, I should have been watching Turner Broadcasting and their non-stop Second-Commandment-Breaking Jesus-watch-athon. But I don’t have cable and I do have Netflix.

I heard the movie was good when it came out, but knew nothing of the plot or circumstances. I was surprised that it was about a Hindu Indian boy who becomes a Christian and then a Muslim, but remains a Christian/Hindu/Muslim all at the same time. Never mind the vast contradictions to that, this was the Coexist bumper sticker celluloid style.

At first I was bothered by that. Then I realized that this is exactly how most people view God. They see Islam as just another variation of Christianity, which is another variation of Hinduism. This is all impossible when you actually look at the tenants of the three belief systems, but most people don’t look at the tenants of these or their own belief systems. They are completely content with this hodgepodge of theological goop because its safe, and more importantly, easy. This is why the movie could be so popular, it fit the theological view of so many in our country. After all, in the end, all religions believe the same thing! Right?

Once I understood the movie in this context, and understood that this is where most people are, I sat back and quite enjoyed it. I liked Pi. I liked that he wouldn’t let the tiger die. I liked that he persevered. And I was quite sad for him and his loss. It was an OK movie, even if he was all mixed up religiously.

For a more in-depth review, go here.


Sometimes a photo comes together in an unexpected way… I took this when I was with my Dad and boys at the Moody Gardens in Galveston.


East Galveston Beach


Both my Dad and I were hit with the smell of salt water the moment we opened the car doors. For us, it was special and a thousand memories flooded our minds. For my two sons, Andy and Joey, it was a first-time experience. Yes, they have been to the beach before. But this is the first time that they will remember it. We were down in Galveston for the day and we took the boys to walk around on the beach. The smell of the air, the seagulls flying about, even the smell of suntan lotion fired up our memories of vacations and day trip pasts. And now I was sharing them with Andy and Joey.

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The Death of Sean Bean

SeanBeanI watched another movie this week where I got to see the death of Sean Bean once again. If you will recall, I wrote about this in my post last week about the Three War Movies. In that one, Age of Heroes, he died in a commando raid on a Nazi radar unit.

The most recent movie where I witnessed his death: Goldeneye, the 1995 James Bond movie. This is the first one that featured Judy Dench as M. I remember complaining about the political correctness at the time, but Judy Dench outlasted Pierce Bronson and made it into the recent Bond movies with Daniel Craig, but died in the latest movie, Skyfall.

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Heaven Is For Real — NOT!

I was driving home today listening to Sean Hannity and his coworkers go on and on about this new movie coming out, based on the book of the same title, Heaven Is For Real. Given that Hannity was giving a complete endorsement for it, I thought I might bring some discernment to the discussion. I know many, and I mean many, are going to eat up whatever the book or movie says because these books always make heaven more palatable for those who are lost. I know, some of those who read this will think I’m just raining on the 4-year-olds parade because I don’t believe his story. Please hear me out.

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We call them squatters. Who are they? They can be anyone, your neighbor, people from out of town, foreigners, legal and illegal aliens, the young, the old, … anyone. They usually travel in groups of two or three, but sometimes, entire carloads come and join in the squatting. They always come the same time every year, without missing a beat. They come, they look, they squat, and after what seems like an eternity of 20 to 30 minutes, they finally get up and leave.

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Dark Skies

Nothing like a Texas storm to give you something to look at… and don’t fret. The weather will change in another 10 minutes. AS the joke goes, I love all four seasons of the year, especially when I get to experience them in two days time all in Texas.