Vacation Moment

I don’t get many vacations, but our day down in Galveston is probably going to be it for the year. We got to stay in a nice hotel and this photo was taking sitting out on the back patio. I tried to get Joey to smile, but that wasn’t happening.



New Look

I know, my blog has a new look to it for about the third time in three weeks. I liked the last format, which was Twenty Fourteen, but wanted to make some changes and could not without the $78 upgrade to make those changes. My main problem was the size of photos that I could display along with the Titles to each blog. In the format available, titles are in all caps, which drives me nuts.

So I have shifted back to Twenty Twelve for now. Much simpler, and cleaner. The photo currently in the header was taken when I was still in Roswell, on hole number 16 at the Spring River Golf Course. What makes it so unique is that the Spring River actually had water in it. Of the 18 months I lived there, that was the only time it had water.

Here is a photo to make your day!


Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court

I wasn’t planning on writing on this topic because so many have done so. If you have lived in a vacuum, then you don’t know about Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Hobby Lobby is fighting for religious freedom that affects everyone, even the atheists. What is at the core of this case is the freedom to live, work and act in this country with the freedom of conscience. In other words, does the government have a right to bind our consciences for purposes of advancing their agendas?

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Do I Believe in Space Aliens?

It was not a question I was expecting this afternoon when I went to the country club to play a round of golf. One of our new employees was asking me about my Titleist golf cap with the Roswell Alien logo on the side.

I don’t believe in space aliens and said as much. But I had to think about it and I have to admit that some of my bad shots this afternoon were because my mind was preoccupied with the question. The rest of my bad shots were due to the fact that I’m just a bad golfer. I do have a long game now, but my short game still sends me into the triple bogey range and beyond.

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More Thoughts on Lent

You know when you start taking heat for a post that you have struck a chord with the people offended by what you wrote. I think my earlier post on Lent did that because of the fact that so many seemed to be offended by the fact that I was saying observing Lent is not biblical, nor is it commanded in Scripture.

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Ephesians 1 Is Not For Us?

I hate surprise arguments, especially the ones that make no sense at all. I confess, the argument the Arminian made to me in my last debate so caught me off guard and surprised me that I was almost speechless. Given Proverbs about not answering a fool lest he think himself wise, I probably should have remained speechless.

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Protestants Don’t Celebrate Ash Wednesday, or Lent. We Are Protestant For a Reason.

Author’s Note: Read my most recent post against Lent here

I’m truly saddened by the number of my friends on Facebook who are celebrating Ash Wednesday and Lent this year. The common denominator of course is that they were all educated theologically at Dallas Theological Seminary.  I have other friends who did not attend DTS who are celebrating. I give them a pass. But the ones that did attend DTS, should repent of this heinous revelry immediately.

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Articles That Matter

Here are two articles that I think you should read. Both are related to the Ten Commandments. Far too many just punt the Ten Commandments for our lives, but as believers, we should be drawn to them because they point us to God’s holiness and what He has publicly decreed for our lives.

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