Some Thoughts on the movie, The Son of God

Apparently there is a new movie out entitled The Son of God that is about Jesus, His ministry and His death. And there have been attempts by the promoters of this movie to do with it, what was done with Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ. If you recall with the first movie, many in the church made a big deal to try and get as many people to go as possible, using the movie as an evangelistic tool. I was opposed to this type of evangelism then, and now. I see it as a lazy man’s attempt to get his wife-beating brother in-law to come to Christ. Of all those who supposedly came to know Christ because of Gibson’s presentation of Jesus, how many are truly believers today?

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The Streets of Lufkin (part 2) or The Night I Almost Landed in Jail!

[Note to my readers: the following is an incident that occurred back in the winter of 1984. I neither condone the actions, attitudes or events herein. This is merely what happened, as a part of my life, especially the part which Christ redeemed me from… you can read part 1 here.]

I looked at James who was in the back seat with me and yelled at him to get Richard to stop. We were heading down Gaslight Boulevard at ridiculous speeds trying to outrun a Lufkin Police Officer in Richard’s 1966 Delta 88. I looked back and could see that the officer had made the turn and we were a good half mile out in front of him. That didn’t bring a lot of comfort and I really wanted Richard just to pull over and take it like a man. I shouted a few more times. He kept repeating the only words his brain could latch onto: “I just can’t!”

“James, do something!”

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The Lord’s Day

I am always interested in understanding and honoring Lord’s Day worship and this was helpful.

Reformed Baptist Fellowship

Consider carefully the following evidence that the redemption accomplished through Christ’s resurrection determined the day for Christian worship:

  1. Jesus Christ arose on the first day of the week (Matt. 28:1). He entered into his rest from labor, not on Saturday (the seventh day), but on Sunday (the first day of the week). As Jesus entered into his rest on the first day, so he encourages us to begin the week by resting in the confidence that He will provide for all our needs for seven days with only six days of labor.
  2. Jesus Christ appeared to His assembled disciples on the first day of the week, as well as to Mary and to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus (John 20:10; Luke 24:13). By these appearances on the first day of the week, the resurrected Lord set a pattern for meeting with His disciples. They began expecting…

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The Streets of Lufkin or The Night I Almost Landed in Jail.

[Note to my readers: the following is an incident that occurred back in the winter of 1984. I neither condone the actions, attitudes or events herein. This is merely what happened, as a part of my life, especially the part which Christ redeemed me from…]

My face was covered with fire ants, a cop had a foot on my wrists which were behind my back and was I glad to be alive, except for the part in which I was  “about to be arrested,” and “those damn fire ants.”

Officer! There are fire ants on my face.” I was trying to get his attention as he conversed with his fellow officers, who were busy arresting my three buddies, Richard, James, and Byron. Apparently, out of the 22 officers who moments before had had their guns drawn, safeties off, and pointed in our direction, they just couldn’t find four pair of handcuffs between the 22 of them. This is why one officer had his foot of my wrists and seemed perfectly content to let the fire ants camp out on my face and neck.

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Happy Buy-Lots-of-Chocolate Day!

Not much into it… but will try to score some chocolate nonetheless. I’m really looking forward to the sale everything will be on next time I go to HEB. Enjoy the day and if someone loves you, thank the LORD for that love. For the rest of us, there is the hope we have of being loved by the Father because of the Son.

Here are my boys after a new haircut.


German Woman Rebukes Islam

This video is making the rounds and I wanted to share it with my readers. This woman shouted down an Islamic iman who was giving a call to worship at the historic Memorial Church of the Reformation, built in honor of Martin Luther. She proclaimed that Jesus Christ is Lord over the church and Germany. During an interview afterwards, she says what so few understand about Islam, that they worship another god all together. They do not worship the same God as true Christians do. Here is the video:

We need to strive to be a bold as she was. She is following in the footsteps of the apostles who went from town to town proclaiming the truth. We need more Christians like her, and more pastors with her courage to stand up and proclaim the truth of Christ. This really is an inspiration.

Hattip: Diana.

Thoughts on Divorce

I’ve read quite a few good articles on divorce and remarriage lately, one article being Matt Walsh’s piece entitled I’ve been divorced four times, but homosexuals are the ones destroying marriage.  His premise is simply that it isn’t homosexuals that are destroying the institution of marriage. Those of us who are straight have done a pretty good job of destroying the institution ourselves. Given the high level of divorce even among first-time marriages, the divorce rate is staggering.

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Theudas Rose Up, Claiming to Be Somebody

It seems almost a minor detail in the book of Acts. But how many people of our day are rising up, claiming to be somebody. Our entire culture tries to get us to think that we are somebody. Just look at Facebook alone. The entire success of Facebook is built on the notion that we are “somebodies” in need of telling our stories so we can be followed by other “somebodies” thereby making us all very important people. We need to be wary of such a dangerous view of ourselves.

But that is not the point of this post, rather, the point is to think about this man Theudas and subsequently Judas of Galilee. Both men, mentioned in Acts 5 by the teacher of the Law, Gamaliel, had led rebellions against Herod. Theadas had 400 men following him in his rebellion, and many followed after Judas of Galilee. Both men and their followers had the same fate: death. The movements completely failed.

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