Revelation is a Blessing to the Believer

I have been listening to the sermons on the book of Revelation at Grace Family Baptist Church, a Reformed Baptist church for several months and I can’t express just how comforting those sermons are to me in this world that is filled with so much depravity. Even though there are all these judgments taking place in the book of Revelation, we see God’s hand in all of it. I believe all the judgments found there are and have been taking place since Christ’s first ascension and His final judgment will occur once He returns in all His glory.

All this is comforting because it shows us that God is not silent in dealing with the depravity of the wicked. He is pouring out His judgment on those who reject the truth, suppress the truth and who persecute His people. What is comforting is knowing that God is dealing with them. He is not ignorant of their actions and their hatred of Him and His people. I need that comfort with what is taking place around the world toward our brothers and sisters in the LORD. I need to know that He is acting and dealing justly with the wicked. I need to know that He will deal with all of them in His time and with perfect justice.

If you have time, listen to the sermons when you can. They are very good.

But all this brings up another thought. I have known people through out my time as a believer who professed Christ, but wanted nothing to do with the book of Revelation. It is almost like they recoil at the words found there and the description of our world from a spiritual perspective. I wonder why they would do such a thing. God gave us the book to comfort us and tell us the end of the story. Yes, it shows His justice toward the nations and the people who reject Christ, but that should bring comfort to us, not cause us to turn away from the book in fear.

If you are one of those people who reject the book, or don’t like it because of what is found there, then I have to ask you: do you really belong to Christ? After all, it is His revelation to us, the church and people of God. If you find it scary and wretched, then do you really belong to the One who gave us the book?


5 thoughts on “Revelation is a Blessing to the Believer

  1. I is a challenging book, to be sure. Lots of really smart guys that I respect disagree on it. And then there are those who get so off base with it.

    But there are so many great themes. And it is so powerful to see how the people getting God’s wrath know it is from him and yet they still don’t turn to him. It is the perfect response to the “what about the guy on the island?” objection.


    • Yes it is. Another reality that Voddie points out in the sermon series is that through all the disasters and judgment, people don’t come to know Christ. Evangelicals tend to think with every crisis, people will get saved. But one thing is missing: the gospel. God uses the preaching of the gospel to save people, not natural or man-made disasters.


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