The Living Video Game

I felt my vest vibrate and saw the white flash that accompanies being hit. Someone across the vast range had hit me from a distance. I could see them hiding behind one of the multiple shields placed around the room. I ducked behind a shield as well and noticed that  Joey was at my side. He had been there the entire time, just like I told him to do. We were in battle and we needed to stick together.

I took the boys over to College Station on Tuesday in order to bowl for Andy’s birthday. Once the boys found out that there was a laser tag arena, that is all they wanted to play. I was somewhat skeptical, never having played before. I wanted to bowl. Just given my size alone guarantees at least 2 strikes per game. I also love to bowl. Between golf and bowling, I always score about the same, which isn’t good, but at least I’m consistent.

But there I was, getting hit from across the arena by someone who was playing it smart. I took my cue. Instead of just hitting those coming up the ramp, I began looking across the room for those unsuspecting players. I saw three quick and easy targets and took aim. It worked. I was getting kill after kill racking up the points.

The red team began to figure out that they were not safe any longer on the lower level. They charged up the ramps as I racked up more kills. All this time, Joey was right next to me, taking his own shots, getting hit and hitting others. We were having a blast.

Andy showed up next to me after a while. He was upset. He had yet to score a kill. Turns out his gun and vest were not functioning properly. He was really dejected. I tried to console him by telling him we could play again. But he didn’t want to. It was a bad experience.

But I had to play again. After all, I was the top scorer for my first time playing the game. Out of the 25 or so people, I was on top with 23,660 points. That is what my vest told me (it talks to you during the game, and afterward), and the chart said. There was no way I was walking away. It was too much fun.

It took a while, but I finally got Andy to agree to go back in and play. This time, we would make sure he had a good gun. We did. And he loved it, scoring 5,050 points. He was so excited.

I realized that playing laser tag was the closest thing you could do to actually being in a video game. It’s a blast, and you get a lot more exercise than you would sitting at a console. I hope I can take the boys again soon. It’s too much fun. If you haven’t tried, you should find a few young ones and give it a try.


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    • No, no pain. It’s painful enough having to run, duck, walk really fast, duck some more, and bowl two or three games with the boys. There is enough pain with all that I did today. 🙂


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