Happy New Year?

In the movie Forest, Forest Gump, there is a scene in which our hero is having a party with two women on New Year’s Eve. At one point, one of the women starts talking about how much she loves New Year’s Eve because it give everyone a chance to start over. I can remember such a sentiment as a non-believer because everyone would love a giant do over every now and then. How many of us have thought: “If I know what I know now, back then…” That is the same idea. A desire to do things with some foreknowledge in order to make things better the second time around.

It’s part of the human condition to desire to get things right in this life, and we often think that we can get a fresh start with something like the New Year. But alas… we still have the same problems even though we’ve changed the number of the date. Our sins still reside with us and still have the same struggles.

The beauty of being a Christian is that we do get a new start. Not only are we made new creations when we first believe in Christ, but His mercy is new every morning. His forgiveness is still just as present in our lives as we mature in Christ as it was when our new birth began.

We don’t really need a new date to start over. We just need to remember the mercy and forgiveness we already have in Christ. Happy New Year, and every other day that follows. Not because of the date, but because of His mercy.


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