The Bloody Hand

That is what I noticed first as I drove by a man who was standing next to his SUV. I was heading for the high school and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the man raise his hand trying to flag me down. When I looked, I realized that his truck was on the other side of the fence, laying on its side, and he was struggling to stand next to it.

I made a quick U-turn and parked in the grass. I looked at him as I got out of the car and realized he couldn’t be older than 16, and… there was blood running down his face and out of his mouth. I grabbed the towel off my golf clubs in the back of my car, knowing it was the only thing I had that could help stop the blood.

I hopped the fence and put the towel right on his forehead. He had a 2 inch gash that would need stitches for it to heal. He was also bleeding from his mouth, and shaking. The blood was everywhere.

He was talking on the phone trying to answer questions with 911. I finally asked him for the phone and so I could tell the dispatcher the situation. She told me an ambulance was on the way and to keep him calm. I told her that he was standing, may have a concussion, but should be OK. I also asked her to call the high school to tell them that Jay wouldn’t be there for the day and that I would be late. She said she would.

Jay’s GMC Jimmy was on it’s side and the engine was still running. There were car parts scattered about along with the contents of the truck. I leaned in the shattered driver side’s window trying to reach the keys. It took me two tries to shut the vehicle off. I was surprised it was still humming along.

No airbag had deployed in the accident. There were none to deploy. One might say it was a vintage GMC Jimmy. Just the type of vehicle a teenager would love for his first car.

I didn’t bother asking Jay what happened. I’m not sure he could have told me how he rolled the vehicle, and by God’s grace, missed the creek that was filled with water. He was too shaken. I had him sit next to the road and keep the towel on his head. After a few moments, we could hear the sirens from the ambulance. It seemed like an eternity passed before they finally rounded the corner and saw us on the side of the road. They immediately turned off the siren.

The two men hopped out of the vehicle, took one look at Jay and donned their rubber gloves to give him a check up. I didn’t have the luxury of having gloves and I had blood all over my hand, and my face. The cell phone. I should have wiped it down before I started talking to dispatch.

I asked the ambulance driver for something to get the blood off me. All they had was hand gel. I did the best I could, but still had blood on my face and hands when I reached the high school. Given that I was late, and there was a lack of subs, no one noticed. I tried to tell them Jay wouldn’t be in for the day as I headed for the bathroom to wash up.

It was quite a morning.

AS for Jay, The EMT’s loaded him up with a neck brace and headed off to the hospital. I’m trusting the LORD, and the emergency room, took care of him. If you think about it pray for Jay. I hope he learns what he needs to about the accident. Sometimes they just happen.

Moral of the story: keep some hand wipes and a towel in your car. Never know when you might need it.


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    • I found out today that Jay was in the hospital most of the day yesterday, and went home today. He should be back in class tomorrow, so that is a good sign he is OK.


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