Can We Have Moral Abortions?

Apparently, another Christian minister at HuffPo tried to make the case that we can have moral abortions and Katie Yoder over at NewsBusters absolutely destroys her arguments. I will only refer to the Yoder story since Donna Schaper butchers logic and erects abundant straw men.

Yoder writes:

The left-wing United Church of Christ minister recently argued that “Abortion can be a highly moral choice for a woman.” Surprised? You’re not alone. The post is titled, “Most Women Under 40 Haven’t Heard the Pro-choice Moral Argument.” Perhaps because there isn’t one – or if there is, it’s not the one Schaper made in her piece.

Schaper referred to the Hobby Lobby contraception mandate case reaching the Supreme Court next year, and lamented, “It is sad as well to see the constant struggle – now initiated by a toy and hobby company – about women being choice making human beings.”

She speculated, “What is it about women that the religious right can’t tolerate? Is it that important for us to be sub-human? Do that many people really think of women as toys or hobbies or second-class citizens?” And the business owners who must purchase employees’ contraception against their conscience are what?

I wanted to point out that it is not women who are made to be second-class citizens in the abortion debate, but the children in their wombs that are relegated to … well, not even second class citizens.

Yoder continues:

As for her “moral” argument, Schaper explained, “To restrict a woman’s choice is to refuse her soul freedom.” She continued, “We can have morally good abortions because we are human beings, with God-given rights to human agency, just like men.” But not babies.

By this standard, any murder can be morally good just because the murderer (male or female) is a human being, with God-given rights to human agency. It’s a complete inversion of morality – using the gifts of God as justification for nihilistic act of obliterating a life.

Her phrasing only became more and more fascinating, “Mandatory childbearing makes the woman a hostage to the will of others – those unfamiliar with her story, her life experience and her needs, and may have disastrous consequences for the children.” Of course, “mandatory childbearing” is meaningless, because sex is not mandatory (cases of rape aside.)

“The distortion of our faiths to anti-woman and anti-scientific and anti-medical rhetoric proves catastrophic for women and children and their families.” (“Catastrophic,” of course, includes everything but the murder of women, children and families – in the womb.) She concluded, “This argument demeans the sexuality of women and treats them like children with adult bodies.”

Actually, calling for women to pay for their own contraception sounds a lot like treating them like big girls. As does asking adults – big boys and girls both – who thoughtlessly create life not to thoughtlessly destroy it.

Read the rest here. As you can see, Yoder makes it clear that there is still no moral reason for the killing of babies in the womb. Schaper failed in her task, and as Yoder pointed out, made the act of murdering someone “moral” in the process. This shows us how weak the left’s arguments are. There is not moral justification for killing children in the womb. The act is completely abominable and the left knows it.

None of this should surprise us. It is the left that constantly screams to keep religion out of every thing. They commit these acts because they are godless. The irony here is that they brought in some false priestess to make their case and she failed miserably. Let’s pray the masses see through their faulty logic and see that it is far more noble and right to defend life, especially that life that is found in the womb’s that hold “the least of these.”


One thought on “Can We Have Moral Abortions?

  1. Some counterpoints for your post:

    1. Technically speaking, fetuses are NOT citizens of any country or nation or commonwealth. Most locales accord or recognize human rights only AFTER the fetus has exited the mother’s womb and is considered “viable” to live on its own, separated from the mother.

    2. Technically speaking, fetuses are NOT persons. If you make a list of what the average person can do, both physically and mentally, a fetus simply cannot compare.

    3. Technically speaking, fetuses are NOT human beings. They lack the physical structures that differentiate them from organisms of other species.

    4. Technically speaking, you can’t “murder” a fetus. It’s not a human being, let alone a person with legal and social rights. As a result, abortion is not murder. It’s no different from removing a detrimental tumour from the woman’s body (think of cancer).


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