Watch the Saban Frenzy Bubble Over if Brown Steps Down

I love hearing t.u. faithful get all excited about the possibility of Nick Saban leaving Alabama to coach the longhorns just as soon as Mack Brown steps down, which according to reports, will be tomorrow. is leading the charge for Brown’s resignation. They are reporting that Brown will step down on Friday, however, sources close to the school and Brown himself, have denied the reports.

There have been reports that t.u. would pursue Saban if the opening became available. What the t.u. faithful don’t get is that texas is not some place that is coveted by Saban. Why would he leave the best conference in the country, and one of the best programs historically AND currently in the country for a school that has been mediocre overall the past 25 years? Yes, they did win the national championship in 2005. But let us be reminded that they only played USC for the championship. Had an SEC team been there, they would have lost.

Also realize that whatever texas offers Saban to leave Tuscaloosa, Alabama will gladly match it. Again, the biggest reason is why would Saban leave the SEC? Where is the challenge in taking a team that SHOULD win the Big-12 conference every year, but fails because of power houses like… Baylor?

The frenzy has already begun as someone pulled a prank this morning by having Saban paged at the Austin Airport.

No, Saban won’t leave Alabama simply because the people of Austin think he should. They will have to find someone else if Brown does end up stepping down. Since they think they are the cream of the crop and everyone wants to go there, why not call Jon Grudem out of retirement?


2 thoughts on “Watch the Saban Frenzy Bubble Over if Brown Steps Down

  1. Phred

    I think he might leave Alabama only because of the pressure. I have no inside sources or anything like that, but I did hear some reports that he was tired of the pressure cooker that is Tuscaloosa not cutting him any slack and expecting perfection all the time. I guess we’ll know by the end of the week the real deal.


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