Jeremiah 10 is Not About Christmas Trees

I know I’m not in the Christmas mood, and I’m certainly not going to put up a tree. This post is more about the abuse of Scripture by some to say that Christmas trees are idolatry than about Christmas itself. In other words, this is a biblical truth post, not a Christmas tree post… bah, humbug.

The thing is that there are those who have tried to use Jeremiah 10 as a screed against the Christmas tree. The following video show that if you look in the passage in context, Jeremiah 10 is not dealing with Christmas trees at all, but with those who would cut down a tree, bring it back to the house, carve and cut it into a god, cover it with gold and silver and then bow down to worship it. Sorry, Christmas trees don’t apply.

The pastor also goes on to show that the fir tree and pine tree (which are the most used as Christmas trees) were sanctioned by God in the … Temple. Wow! Imagine that. God actually ordained the use of trees in the Temple, the same type trees we use for Christmas trees.

The point is, if you want to put up a Christmas tree, go for it. There is Christian liberty to do so. And of course, there is Christian liberty not to. What we don’t have permission to do is make a law out of a text that is not addressing the issue. That is adding to God’s word.

Here is the video:

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