Top 10 Reasons Not to Attend Christmas Parties

Yes, you could say that I’ve been burned by the spirit of the Christmas party spirit. Please note the non-capitalization of the word “spirit.” That is intentional because as I review my recent Christmas party adventures, and ones even farther back than this, I’ve come to the conclusion that Christmas parties, and more broadly the celebration of Christmas itself, is not good for my spiritual well being and rarely involves the Holy Spirit.

I’m not saying it is bad for your spiritual well being. Just that I don’t think it’s good for mine. So given that stipulation and the fact that this is my blog, I’m completely and totally right on this subject… for the moment. I could change my mind with new evidence, but given the case before us, this is my position right now. (Nothing like taking a strong stand in the shifting sands of such a deep and important subject).

With these are very tenuous stipulations, the following are my top 10 reasons for avoiding Christmas parties. Some of which actually have some validity.

  1. 99.9 percent of all Christmas parties have nothing to do with Christ, except the fact that “Christ” is in part of the name of the party being given. There are also uses of His holy and reverent name, but only in the unholy and irreverent manner.
  2. Most Christmas parties end up causing us to act and behave more like pagans, than actual Christians.
  3. Most Christmas parties encourage gluttony.
  4. To actually speak about Christ and the things of God is strictly forbidden. This alone is enough to swear off the entire season.
  5. Taking the name of the LORD in vain is perfectly acceptable if alcohol is involved… which is another great reason to swear off these parties.
  6. When you get down to it, these parties are really nothing more than about materialism.
  7. The parties resemble more of the days of Noah, where the people were eating and drinking and disaster was just around the corner than they do the days of Israel as they waited with great expectations for the arrival of their Messiah.
  8. I don’t own a bright, red Christmas shirt and never seem to fit in fashion wise.
  9. I’m not really in a Christmas mood this year, given that I won’t get to spend time with my boys until after Christmas.
  10. I tend to drink too much wine. (Before any fundamentalists go off on me about this, please realize that taking the LORD’s name in vain is far worse than having one too many glasses of wine, which for me, is a third glass).
  11. Back to the issue of the spirit, which I’m hoping is spiritually discerned. When I have attended Christmas parties where Christ was spoken of, it always seemed forced, which makes me really wonder about the entire season itself.

OK, I know that there are a plethora of articles out there on reasons why we should celebrate advent this year, so if you are in the mood, head on over to The Aquila Report where you should find plenty to satisfy your desires to celebrate the season with Christ at the center.


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  3. I was researching pear recipes and somehow wound up on this blog. After reading it awhile, I felt discouraged. I am not sure why people want a religious belief with no happiness or occasional respite from all the dire things that happen to us in the course of life. I personally believe people have the ability to change. It is like the folks that log on here cling to the lowest exhibitions of human behavior as proof of religion. Lighten up. And I was in a secular marriage. My husband was an escapee from the Church of Christ. It was not perfect, many ebbs and flows, but it was much happier than the marriages you speak of. I miss my husband’s very original voice.


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