Sumlin Lobbied Hard for USC Job

That is the headline of a story at, that states that Texas A&M’s head coach Kevin Sumlin lobbied hard to get the job at USC before the officials at A&M gave him a raise and a six-year deal worth $5 million a year.

This is really disappointing news. I’m disappointed in Sumlin. I know that coaches want the best deal they can get, but I thought Sumlin wanted to be at A&M. I thought he liked it there. I thought there was no other place he wanted to be. That has always been the impression we’ve been given, sort of like the fact that Les Miles wants to be at LSU, and Nick Saban wants to be at Alabama. Turns out that Sumlin is using A&M as a stepping stone to his next job.

The story goes on to say that Sumlin ultimately wants to go to the NFL. So, A&M really is just a stepping stone even with the new six-year deal. The more I get to know Sumlin, the more I realize he is just a typical coach. The story also says that he wanted to leave because Johnny Football will be leaving and Sumlin doesn’t want to go through a rebuilding year. Come on! Isn’t that what coaching is all about?

When you think about it, Sumlin is really the luckiest coach in the world. He arrived at the University of Houston just as Art Briles has the program humming along and got to use all of Briles recruits. Then he arrives at A&M when Manziel shows up on the scene, a player recruited by Mike Sherman. So is Sumlin really that good, or just lucky?

I think he is just lucky and unless he really gets good, his dreams of the NFL will be far-fetched. In fact, I hope the NFL still goes after him. Give us a coach that it is looking to build a legacy at A&M, not just use it as a stepping stone. We have one of the greatest fan bases in the world and we would gladly pay a guy well who wants to be there and build a legacy program, not just use the team as a step to the next level.

BTW, Wade, before you get on to me about comparing A&M with LSU and Alabama, I know A&M is not there yet. What I’m hoping for is a coach who wants to put the program on par and make it better than ‘Bama and LSU.


2 thoughts on “Sumlin Lobbied Hard for USC Job

  1. Miles and Saban probably aren’t the best comparisons since Miles tried like crazy (and I mean crazy – he literally left hundreds of messages in Ann Arbor) to get the Michigan job in 2007, and really only stayed away in 2011 because of what a mess it had turned into. Saban tries to get a new job every year for pay raise reasons – I don’t believe for a second that Sexton went to UT without Saban’s knowledge.


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