EDITOR’s NOTE: This is the Official Timothy Matter’s movie review. All though, I only play pretend movie critic once in a while, like now.

I found myself in line to see the movie Frozen this past Wednesday with my boys, Andy and Joey. I was driving around town and stopped in to see my father and he suggested I take them to see a movie. Frozen was playing. I had no idea what the movie was about, but given that it was a Disney, I thought that it must be good. One of Dad’s employees also said she read a review saying it was really good.

This really didn’t add to my knowledge about the film other than it was playing in 3D and it was opening day. At least, that is what the people in line told me who were standing in line with me to see the movie. I don’t usually do opening-day movies because I don’t like standing in line. But given that it kept me and the boys busy for a few hours, I was willing to stand in line for an entire 30 minutes! (O the humanity!)

Now the film. It was OK. The problem was that the main characters kept breaking into singing and dancing. It was only after I left the theater that I realized the movie was a… musical. Goodness, I don’t do musicals. The last musical I did was Phantom of the Opera and I hate to say this, but I was really pulling for the Phantom. I still haven’t done The Miserables (English translation).

It was also walking out of the theater that I realized another aspect of the film. There were three ladies walking out ahead of us, and they saw someone they knew. All three ladies starting gushing about the movie to this couple standing in line with their daughters. As they gushed, the recipient and the daughters seemed really pleased. I looked right at the man and said, “It’s a chick flick!” He busted out laughing.

It was the relief he needed and the realization that I needed. The movie was a chick flick. No wonder there were so many parents in there with their… daughters! The sons stayed at home to watch reruns of Looney Toons or Raiders of the Lost Ark.

This movie was Tangled on steroids. It was still entertaining and funny at times. But it was a mushy love story through and through. It was like a Barbie movie, only… more intense.

I’m glad I didn’t know this going into it because… I probably would not have taken my boys to see it.

I did ask them yesterday if they would want to see it a again. They said yes. But remember, they are only 6 and 8.

The one redeeming quality of the movie that I discovered in the credits is that it is based upon The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. Andersen’s rendition involves a boy and a girl, not two girls as we have in the movie. More evidence that the movie was meant to be a chick flick.

Now for my official rating. Wait to get it on Netflix. The 3D aspect wasn’t really necessary for this film. Most films don’t need 3D, but we are into a fad now and no one wants to admit this. It is worth watching, but not spending the extra money to see it in 3D.

This is a painting of The Snow Queen by Elena Ringo.

Snow Queen


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