Churning Mud

We were churning mud. The tires on the Jeep continued to sink deeper as they spun in the mud. David worked the gears, forward, backward, forward, backward while Dad’s tractor pulled the Jeep backward. Nothing helped. David’s Jeep was stuck.

When my older brother arrived yesterday for Thanksgiving, he was in his new 2013 4-wheel-drive Jeep. He loves going off road and driving through places that no one else would dare to go.

He also loves taking his nephews for a ride in the adventure. So Andy, Joey and I loaded up into the Jeep with David as we crawled along in his Jeep, in 4-wheel-drive at a top speed of 5 mph. Off roaders of David’s breed are more into the climb than speed. And it is exciting. One moment we were looking down at the ground through the front wind shield, and the next we were looking up into the clear blue sky. Both Joey and I were in the back seat, which we didn’t like, so we were trying to make the most of is. We both suffer from claustrophobia, and the thought of rolling the Jeep into one of the ponds was in my list of things to worry about.

David decided to cross one of the gullies that feeds the front pond. After checking out the softness of the creek bed, he climbed back in and we crossed it successfully. That led to the next attempt, another creek bed that fed the same pond. It was bigger and more of a challenge. It was obviously muddier.

We lunged forward and came to a stop. The tires were spinning. Anyone who has ever been stuck in the mud should be able to tell you that once your tires spin, you’re done. We were done. The Jeep would move no more than a few feet backward and forward AND down for the next 5 hours.

This was broken up by dining on the deep-fried turkey my Dad and brother Stokely were making and all the fixin’s prepared by Donna and her mother Ruby. Dad insisted we eat before really getting down to the business of extracting the Jeep from his creek bed. After all, it’s a lot easier to sling mud on a full stomach than it is to… well, it’s not, but I know he meant well.

We ate, and headed back out to the pond. We would go from shoveling mud away from the tires to putting boards and ramps under the tires all the while Dad was using his tractor to pull on the Jeep and David worked it in reverse. All we did was churn up the mud, to which Any and Joey found delight in stepping off into the mud to see how far they would sink. I made a half-hearted attempt and keeping them out of the mud, but realized the hypocrisy of such a move. We were where we were because some big boy wanted to play in the mud. It’s just his method of playing in it was in a Jeep, not his boots.

Nothing seemed to work in our extraction process. David finally decided to jack each tire up and make sure he could put the board or the ramp firmly under the tire. This didn’t work. But it did lead to that which did. The jack he was using wasn’t the cheap jacks found in the trunk of most of our cars today, but a full-fledged jack. He decided to hook it between one chain going to a tree, and the other to the back of the Jeep. He slowly jacked the Jeep out of the mud, inch by inch. Stokely also helped with the final pull using his GMC pick up truck.

Now the casualty to all this adventure? I only got to see about six minutes of football. I know, sad huh?


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    • That’s funny. OK, then I will add this schlop!

      See, that jack is like the holy spirit… that mud is our sin, and that white Jeep is… well, never mind. 🙂


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