How Would You Have Responded If You Were There?

That question was posed by the author of a Bible study we were working through in Sunday school. The passage of Scripture we were working through was found in John 8, and involves the crowd trying to trap Him with the case of the woman caught in adultery.

I know the author is trying to get us to think through the incident, but the question is quite ridiculous and only has one answer: We would have acted just like everyone else acted on that day.

I guess some people might think they would actually be wise enough not to get caught up in the crowd, because… they know what Jesus is going to do before He does it. In other words, those who think such thoughts are thinking they would be partially omniscient in that situation. (Partially omniscient is an oxymoron).

The point is, why ask the question? We cannot be there? We cannot even come close to imagining what it is like? And there is only one correct answer: we would have acted the same as everyone else. I guess that has some value in helping us to see that we are no better than those who lived in Christ’s day. But do we really need that type of question to bring out that truth?


4 thoughts on “How Would You Have Responded If You Were There?

  1. No, why imagine what we would have done when we know what we do now!! We are sinners saved by grace. Praise the LORD that I know JESUS but that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with HIM>


    • I agree. I think this question is sometimes posed to make people think they are smarter than those who lived in Christ’s day. More of the arrogance of modernity, which leads people to believe we are smarter and better than the people of Christ’s day. I like to point out that had we been there on that day when Jesus was tried, we would have shouted “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” with everyone else.


  2. I hope to add a different perspective on the question — I like this types of questions; especially one like this.

    How do you teach your child (or yourself for that matter) to be honest?
    By telling the truth.

    How do you teach someone to be charitable?
    By being charitable.

    We don’t always get those right but the practice is what helps us get better next time, right.
    So why wouldn’t we practice our thought processes before we get into a situation like the one in John 8?
    We rehearse for plays, we rehearse what we say when we ask for a raise or interview for a job.
    We shape our minds by repetition, we expand our minds by working through different options. To me this is very similar to what parents try to do with children “Yes Johnny, I know Billy called you a bad name. You shouldn’t have hit him though….what could you have done instead?”

    I think you are right in what most people would do but we are called to be set apart from most people; we are called to be more like Christ. The more we can think about how He would respond, the more we can be ready for that option.


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