Christianity is Just a Crutch…

This has such an great anecdote, I had to share it. Heath also makes the point that we are all walking contradictions. That’s one of the many reasons we need Christ.

Tides and Turning

This is one of the arguments you hear from time to time against Christianity. Religion is just a crutch for weak people.

But before I get to the point, let me give my disclaimer. I work in the pharmacy business. I am not against the use of prescription medication. Nor am I contending that all psychopharmacological drugs are bad. Nor am I claiming that all people who are on them are bad! They have their purposes. This is only an illustration of a point. Having said that, allow me to digress.

I was listening to a sermon by Martyn Lloyd-Jones a couple of nights ago. Though he did not use this terminology, for the terminology had not yet been developed at the time, he was doing a fine piece of presuppositional apologetics. He was demonstrating how modern detractors of Christianity contradict themselves. One interesting story he told was of what…

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