Little Stinker Part TWO!

Originally Published January 19, 2007.
Yes, the two-year-old adventures continue. Yesterday, when we arrived home I asked Andrew to help me feed the dog. He usually does an excellent job of taking the cup full of dog food over to the bowl, pouring it in the bowl, sometimes actually getting it into the bowl, and putting the cup back into the dog food bin.

BUT, it didn’t work that way the other night. Through his compassion for Casey, otherwise known as the life-support system for a stomach, Andrew has started taking pieces of dog food out of the cup and giving them to Casey who is under command to sit and stay in the hallway until we are ready to let him head for his bowl. It is really cute to see him take a piece of dog food, and hand it to Casey. Well, he got the idea if one piece is good, then the entire cup must be better. The little stinker poured the entire cup on the floor. I was able to keep Casey under command while I picked up all the food and put it back in the cup.

That didn’t do for Andrew, who immediately took the cup and poured it out on the floor again. Again, I started scooping back up into the cup, while trying not to laugh and encourage Andrew any more. Of course, he did it again. I was trying to be firm with him, but kept laughing. All the while Andy’s mother was rolling with laughter as I tried to get the situation under control. It was next to impossible. I finally had his mother grab Andy so I could scoop it up and pour it in Casey’s bowl.

Andrew has now been relieved of dogfood detail.

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