Hanging On!

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This has been me lately. I’m just hanging on! I’ve tried to write, both blog and book, but can’t seem to get the words to flow. I feel stuck on a treadmill on the deck of a sinking ship with the subbing I’ve been doing lately. I need to find a real job, and soon. So that is what is taking my time and energy.

I know many of my readers have been through this. While there are many things that are worse in the world, it’s still not easy. I know only the LORD can lift me out of this pit. So I am waiting for Him to do so. If I climb out on my strength, I will probably just fall deeper into the pit itself.


8 thoughts on “Hanging On!

  1. Yes, yes – hang in there – After being organized out of a top management post, I couldn’t find anything close to my experience or even willing/seeking a pay cut of 75% (while still providing for a wife and teen- age kids) I tried consulting for a few years which I found the “promoting myself” bit too prideful with temptations galore – God offered me a job in an inner-city ministry at near minimum wage ! I, and my family, would never trade my time there for 3 years, culminating in my retirement 2 yrs ago (after asking God to give me the desires of my heart -which He gave to me for a price !!


    • It’s a Q&A book entitled 12: Questions to Deepen the Believer’s Faith.

      Something I started on while in Roswell, and just trying to get it into final book form for publishing.


  2. You know….I know you aren’t in LOVE with substituting, but do you know how much and how many students LOVE a strong male teacher? Remember, some of those kids don’t have a male figure in their lives 😦 What you are doing is sacrificial. What about selecting the levels you are willing to substitute. Maybe you would enjoy a Junior or Senior High Level?


    • Mary, I totally agree with you. The kids in junior high and high school are starving for a male role model who loves JESUS. I did a lot of subbing and it was a ministry and I still hear from those high school students. The schools are places that need much prayer and the students need men and women of GOD to march in there and speak truth.


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