EDITOR’s NOTE: This is the Official Timothy Matter’s movie review. All though, I only play pretend movie critic once in a while, like now.

I found myself in line to see the movie Frozen this past Wednesday with my boys, Andy and Joey. I was driving around town and stopped in to see my father and he suggested I take them to see a movie. Frozen was playing. I had no idea what the movie was about, but given that it was a Disney, I thought that it must be good. One of Dad’s employees also said she read a review saying it was really good.

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Churning Mud

We were churning mud. The tires on the Jeep continued to sink deeper as they spun in the mud. David worked the gears, forward, backward, forward, backward while Dad’s tractor pulled the Jeep backward. Nothing helped. David’s Jeep was stuck.

When my older brother arrived yesterday for Thanksgiving, he was in his new 2013 4-wheel-drive Jeep. He loves going off road and driving through places that no one else would dare to go.

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How Would You Have Responded If You Were There?

That question was posed by the author of a Bible study we were working through in Sunday school. The passage of Scripture we were working through was found in John 8, and involves the crowd trying to trap Him with the case of the woman caught in adultery.

I know the author is trying to get us to think through the incident, but the question is quite ridiculous and only has one answer: We would have acted just like everyone else acted on that day.

I guess some people might think they would actually be wise enough not to get caught up in the crowd, because… they know what Jesus is going to do before He does it. In other words, those who think such thoughts are thinking they would be partially omniscient in that situation. (Partially omniscient is an oxymoron).

The point is, why ask the question? We cannot be there? We cannot even come close to imagining what it is like? And there is only one correct answer: we would have acted the same as everyone else. I guess that has some value in helping us to see that we are no better than those who lived in Christ’s day. But do we really need that type of question to bring out that truth?

Andy at 9 Months

I was getting ready to download some photos from my camera and this one popped up in iPhoto. I had to share it with you: Copyright TimothyJHammons2013.

Andy9months copy

Christianity is Just a Crutch…

This has such an great anecdote, I had to share it. Heath also makes the point that we are all walking contradictions. That’s one of the many reasons we need Christ.

Tides and Turning

This is one of the arguments you hear from time to time against Christianity. Religion is just a crutch for weak people.

But before I get to the point, let me give my disclaimer. I work in the pharmacy business. I am not against the use of prescription medication. Nor am I contending that all psychopharmacological drugs are bad. Nor am I claiming that all people who are on them are bad! They have their purposes. This is only an illustration of a point. Having said that, allow me to digress.

I was listening to a sermon by Martyn Lloyd-Jones a couple of nights ago. Though he did not use this terminology, for the terminology had not yet been developed at the time, he was doing a fine piece of presuppositional apologetics. He was demonstrating how modern detractors of Christianity contradict themselves. One interesting story he told was of what…

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Three Ways the Church Can Take Better Care of Their Pastors

I’ve done a lot of thinking about the issue of churches taking care of their pastors who leave since I stepped down from my church back in June. I’m not upset or bitter or even remotely angry, but the subject is brought up to me by others. The basic problem is that when a pastor loses his job, for whatever reason, the church does a terrible job in taking care of the man and his family. Let me be clear that the church I left in June did their best to take care of me and my family in my departure. I commend them for that. But my church was the exception, not the rule.

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Oppressed by the Filthy Conduct of the Wicked

Sometimes I think we do ourselves a great disservice when we spend too much time perusing the news of this world and seeing the wickedness that abounds every where. I was reminded of this when I was reading a recent issue of WORLD Magazine and noted that it seemed to be one piece of bad news after another.

I think these things war on our souls and cause us more anxiety and burden than we should bear. It also reminds me of Lot in the Old Testament and how his soul was tormented day by day seeing and hearing their lawless deeds.

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On Veteran’s Day, DON’T Forget the United States Coast Guard!!!

Yes, it happened. I was subbing in an area school and they had a special Veteran’s Day assembly. It was patriotic, moving and … maddening. As they played the different songs for the different branches, I kept waiting for them to play Semper Paratus, for the Coast Guard. You know it because it’s the song you don’t know! But the band didn’t play it. Skipped right over it.

I was dumbfounded. How can you leave out the Coast Guard! We are older than the Navy!

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Psalm 16 — My Prayer

Given my earlier post on suffering, I admit that I have spent a great deal of time in the Psalms over the past several months. The Psalms are where our theology interact with our fallen reality the most, therefore they are the most helpful in times of trouble. Just think about the number of people who know Psalm 23, even though many are not true believers. The Psalm provides comfort for those faced with death like no other Psalm.

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Winston Churchill on Socialized Medicine

And now from the department of history repeating itself department

Churchill on socialized medicine that was implemented in 1948

“The queues are longer, the shelves are barer, the shops are emptier. The interference of Government Departments with daily life is more severe and more galling. More forms have to be filled up, more officials have to be consulted. Whole spheres of potential activity are frozen, rigid, and numb, because this Government has to prove its Socialistic sincerity instead of showing how they can get the country alive and on the move again.”

This is all taken from The Last Lion by William Manchester and Paul Reid. I’ve been working my way through the book for months and have really increased my progress now that I realized I can read while students are working on their assignments.

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Joining the Chorus

I admit that I think a lot about my current plight and wonder when it will end. Anyone who has suffered at all in this life knows the feelings of anguish that accompany this uncertainty. We wonder with so many before us, How long O Lord?

We wonder partly because we know that when Christ came to earth to save sinners, He did not come with promises of temporal bliss and happiness. He came to save us from God’s wrath and gave us promises of future happiness and bliss with Him in heaven.

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Little Stinker Part TWO!

Originally Published January 19, 2007.
Yes, the two-year-old adventures continue. Yesterday, when we arrived home I asked Andrew to help me feed the dog. He usually does an excellent job of taking the cup full of dog food over to the bowl, pouring it in the bowl, sometimes actually getting it into the bowl, and putting the cup back into the dog food bin.

BUT, it didn’t work that way the other night. Through his compassion for Casey, otherwise known as the life-support system for a stomach, Andrew has started taking pieces of dog food out of the cup and giving them to Casey who is under command to sit and stay in the hallway until we are ready to let him head for his bowl. It is really cute to see him take a piece of dog food, and hand it to Casey. Well, he got the idea if one piece is good, then the entire cup must be better. The little stinker poured the entire cup on the floor. I was able to keep Casey under command while I picked up all the food and put it back in the cup.

That didn’t do for Andrew, who immediately took the cup and poured it out on the floor again. Again, I started scooping back up into the cup, while trying not to laugh and encourage Andrew any more. Of course, he did it again. I was trying to be firm with him, but kept laughing. All the while Andy’s mother was rolling with laughter as I tried to get the situation under control. It was next to impossible. I finally had his mother grab Andy so I could scoop it up and pour it in Casey’s bowl.

Andrew has now been relieved of dogfood detail.

See the original Little Stinker entry here.

Who Am I? The Christian Science Years


Who Am I?

I was raised in a Christian Science home and became one when I turned 21. However I confess that I never could reconcile life to the claims that those in CS were making. There were always these miracles taking place, but never real honest miracles. Lots of miraculous cures for the common cold and such. Most of the testimonies given by those in CS were of the nature that the giver was on “death’s door” and then they prayed, and were healed. Given that death’s door can be so subjective, I take it that most of these women giving these testimonies were getting over their menstrual cramps.

When I was 9, my family had a major car accident that left my mother paralyzed for life. I remember praying over her body as she laid on the side of the road, just as we were taught to pray as Christian Scientist, but she didn’t get up. She never would walk again even though she refused medical treatment as was the common practice, and would go to a special hospital for Christian Scientist where the nurses prayed for healings. My take from it: if the god of Christian Science wouldn’t answer the prayers of a 9-year-old boy, then he was no god at all. Read The Accident here.

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Tall and Slim!

For this shot of Andy, I discovered a new technique and realized that the technique I discovered is the same one used by a friend who is a professional. I tried to get her to share it with me, but like magicians, a lot of photographers keep their secrets close to the chest. Given that, I won’t tell you the technique.

HayBales006 copy

Hanging On!

HayBales005 copy

This has been me lately. I’m just hanging on! I’ve tried to write, both blog and book, but can’t seem to get the words to flow. I feel stuck on a treadmill on the deck of a sinking ship with the subbing I’ve been doing lately. I need to find a real job, and soon. So that is what is taking my time and energy.

I know many of my readers have been through this. While there are many things that are worse in the world, it’s still not easy. I know only the LORD can lift me out of this pit. So I am waiting for Him to do so. If I climb out on my strength, I will probably just fall deeper into the pit itself.