My Latest and Favorite Song

Berlin, by The Piano Guys! This is off their second album, which I bought several months ago, and it really has grown on me.


UPDATE: I actually put together this post two days ago, but woke up this morning with the song bouncing around my brain. So I had to listen to again while getting ready for the day. What I haven’t said is that when I first heard the song, I thought it was a remake that ThePianoGuys were doing of someone else’s songs, since so most of the songs they perform are remakes. But not this one. It is an original.

I think it captures both the busyness of Berlin along with the sadness that those in the city have suffered over the years. But that is just my take on it.

Also, one more thing. I realized their name is ThePianoGuys without spaces. And, I’m not sure why they are ThePianoGuys and not TheCelloGuys, since most of what they play is with the cello, and not the piano. When I find out, I will pass it on.


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