Top 11 Reasons I’m Glad to Be Back in Texas

Texas Flag

I’m glad I’m back in Texas. My foray into the ministry took me to Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, back to Tennessee and finally to New Mexico. While those are all wonderful states in their own right, none of them compare to Texas. Yes, I know, I’m biased. Texas is my home. I love living here. I love the people here. I love the Texas spirit that many people still have today. We are Texans! Now get out of our way and let us work and do what is right!

I’m glad I’m back in Texas. Here are my top 11 reasons.

1. Being close to family. It’s been great getting to spend time with my father and his wife, Donna on the ranch. Had the calamity in my life not occurred, I would not have had this wonderful opportunity. I’ve also been able to see my sister and her family and one of my brothers.

2. Being close to Texas A&M University. Of course, this one is NOT that important in the grand scheme of things, but I do love being close enough to go to a football or two, and knowing that all televised games will be available in the area. This was not the case living in places like South Carolina. I had to listen to a lot of games on the internet.

3. Texas weather. I know a lot of people complain about it, but I like the Texas weather. I like the nights when it rains all night long, and the nights when there isn’t a cloud in the sky. I love the awesome sunsets and the sunrises as well. I don’t mind the humidity and feel it is a badge of honor to have it. Remember, when it comes to Texas weather, if you don’t like it, wait five minutes. But don’t complain about it. You sound like a Yankee when you do!

4. Texas landscape. I love green hills, green trees, and green grass, especially living in Brenham, TX. Brenham is known as a mini-hill country, and I love ’em all!

5. Texas hospitality. I’ve only been to two parties, one thrown by Scott & White Hospitals and one by our neighbors, but both have been wonderful because when we throw parties, everyone is welcome.

6. Being back in the land of ZZ, Waylon, Willie and Stevie Ray (RIP). Willie has a new album coming out next week entitled To All the Girls. He teams up with Dolly Pardon,  Carrie UnderwoodWynonna Judd, Norah Jones and Brandi Carlile are among the 18 female artists featured on the project. I’m hoping to get in the mail asap!

7. Texas pick up trucks! Hopefully I will be able to join the league of truck owners someday when I buy a Ford F-150!

8. Texas Barbecue! I know that Memphis barbecue is wonderful. But my favorite is still Texas Barbecue brisket! I love sliced brisket with beans and fried okra on the side. Delicious.

9. Texas seafood. Over the past 12 years in ministry, I can’t say that I had a lot of seafood. Maybe 12 times the entire time. But that changed once I got back to Texas. From our regular stops at Sealand here in Brenham, to eating seafood at the neighbors party, to my step-mothers shrimp gumbo, I have gotten my share of seafood to make up for the 12 years of drought. I grew up going to the coast as a boy and teenager when my father would take us down to Galveston where he had a boat. We ate seafood all the time. I know those in the rest of the country may not realize this, but once you get more than 50 miles from the coast, you can’t get fresh seafood. Allow me to say this as well: Lobster sucks compared to Gulf coast crab. Crab meat is far better than lobster. So the rest of the country can keep your damn lobster. I’m eating crabs and shrimp and fish from the Gulf of Mexico. (Did I just say that?)

10. The Texas Flag! I think it is the most recognized flag in the country, and the good people of Texas are not ashamed to fly it. It’s our constant reminder that Texas was a country before we were a state. And we may become a country again before too long if O and the rest of the statist don’t keep their hands off our Constitution!

The Texas flag is a reminder of this and when I started this post I wanted a picture of our flag. I didn’t have to go far. That picture was taken on the front porch of my Dad’s office, which is where I was when I began this post two weeks ago.

11. The Texas income tax. There ain’t one! This is one of the reasons the state is so great. We believe in letting people keep the money that they work hard for. I know that damn Democrats are trying to flip the state to blue, over our dead bodies, but that is not going to happen. To all those who have moved here from California, don’t start complaining about the lack of government services. You left California because of high taxes. We don’t want the stupid services the government provides or the taxes needed to support it. We can get along by ourselves without Uncle Sam holding our hands.

This is what always bothered me about living in South Carolina. Great state, low taxes. But it was filling up with a bunch of retiring Yankees. They left their lousy states of New Jersey and New York to get away from all the high taxes, then got to South Carolina and complained about the lack of government services. Shut up! We can do for ourselves and don’t need all those services. If you don’t like, move back to where you came from.

OK, there are just a few reasons why I love living in Texas.

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