Woeful Astros’ Season Comes to an End

OK, I finally broke down and read up on the season for my woeful and truly pitiful Astros. They finished the season, with their worst record in franchise history, 51 wins and… 111 loses. They ended the season on a club-record 15 game losing streak.

Good news though. Jim Crane, owner, said he plans on opening up the check book in the off season to help fill some of the holes in the roster. With a record of 51-111, saying there are a couple of holes to fill is really quite a joke. As for spending more, it’s hard for him to spend less. At the beginning of the season, the roster cost $21 million. By the end of the season, he had it down to $14 million. Both figures are the lowest in Major League Baseball. I think there were farm teams that had more expensive rosters than the Astros.

O, to be an Houston Astros fan….
Now, about the Rangers…