A Lesson in Marketing

Just one lot over from my father’s office here in Brenham is an old gas station where the owner still works on cars, inspects cars and sells furniture on the side. When I moved here two months ago, he has some 50 or 60 used office chairs on the corner for sale with a price of $10 and up.

Obviously, the sale of the chairs was not going well until about a week ago. He got a chalk board, put it right between the chairs and wrote “Deer Hunting Chairs.”

From the picture below, you can see how many are left. That is a lesson in marketing. The chairs didn’t change, but the owner added a new application for the chairs. No one would want such used chair in their office, but in a deer stand? Now that is luxury. He simply changed the perceived use of the chair and people saw the value and snapped them up. It’s a simple lesson in marketing.



4 thoughts on “A Lesson in Marketing

  1. I use to be in the market for a cheap office chair. I was going to rip the stuffing out of the back and let it hang down, then take a picture of it for a meme. It was to be labelled “Obama Gone Wild”.


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