Johnny Football Tripped Up By Johnny Manziel


I saw the news yesterday that Johnny Manziel is being investigated by the NCAA for selling his autograph as the BCS Championship game last January. Upon seeing the news, I felt the same way I felt the day that Billy Gillispie announced that he was leaving Texas A&M to coach at the University of Kentucky. We saw how that turned out. We still have seen how this will turn out.

There is good news, although not great news. The events that are under investigation were all done after A&M’s season had concluded, so there should be no question about last year’s record or Manziel’s winning of the Heisman Trophy.

The bad news is that it will probably mean a suspension for the season by the NCAA. This means the season that so many Aggies were looking forward to will not take place. The season is so in doubt that Las Vegas removed the A&M/Alabama game from their betting pools, along with several other games for the season.

The other bad news is that Johnny Manziel is more dangerous to Johnny Football than the defensive lineman found in the SEC. He has done more to destroy his career than any defensive line he faces on the field. Excessive partying, more excessive partying, showing up uninvited to that t-sip frat-house part (OK, that was just stupid!), excessive partying in public at NBA games, etc. In other words, all the things he has done, I did as well when I was in college, except the NBA games and the frat-house stupidity.

But this? This is not just a lack of wisdom but falls under the category of that great philosopher Forrest, Forrest Gump: “Stupid is and stupid does.”

The one thing you should know as an NCAA player is that you can sneeze for money and be a player in the NCAA. This is a big NO when it comes to being a player and knowing A&M’s propensity for publicly declaring the rules for NCAA players on loud speakers at games, in the parking lots of game, in the stalls at the games, there is no way Manziel can plead ignorance on this one. It was downright stupid.

Turns out that sin of pride is taking this team down. The very man who made it great, Johnny Football, is being hamstrung by his stupid alter ego, Johnny Manziel. Hopefully… well, I want put forth any level of hope. I’m an Aggie. We have come to expect this. If something seems to good to be true for us as a team, something bad is happening behind the scenes or will happen. As an Aggie, I’m almost use to it and suspicious when things are going to well, like they were last season. Was I surprised by yesterday’s news? Nope. Didn’t even question it. Given Manziel’s stupidity and our Aggie luck, I just accepted the news as fact.

Instead of looking forward to a season where the possibility of a national championship was in view, we will either go 6-6 for the season, or if we are eliminated from bowl contention, undefeated. Either way, both will be unsatisfying seasons and all because the one who gave us so much promise, was so foolish in his greatness.