Chocolate Update!



Confessions of a Chocoholic

“Hmmmmm, chocolate!” That is one of the most memorable lines from the Simpsons as he relishes the thought of his next fix of chocolate. He is known for finding chocolate anywhere and everywhere and even dreams about The Land of Chocolate. He loves the land of chocolate and curses reality when he awakens from the dream to find that he cannot live life eating everything in front of him and turning into a big, round ball.

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Last Call

Just wanted to let you know that as of September 22, 2013, the site that has all my old sermons will be going down. Until that time, this is your last chance to download and listen to sermons I preached at Redeemer Christian Fellowship, and even at Grace Presbyterian Church in Jackson, TN.

The reason I’m doing this is to save money. Since I’m not pursuing another call to the ministry, I don’t need the page any longer. After laboring for 12 years in four different small churches, I’m truly looking forward to and praying that God opens the door for me in the private sector. Please pray too, that the LORD opens the door soon. I need to work and earn a living.

But until then, you can go here for the sermons I have posted on line.

Four Myths of the Crusades — That Every PCA Pastor Should Know

I had this buried on my dashboard because I wanted to be able to reference this article the next time that I heard someone making the claim that we Christians, and our Crusades, are the reason that Islam hates us so much. I never imagined that I would be using it in a response from a fellow pastor in my own denomination. As I read the article, my heart sank at the comment David Wallover made in his response to Carl Trueman. (I know, now there is a response to a response to Trueman’s original post, which you should read and his response to the responses.)

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Associate News Editor of The Aquila Report

Yes, I have a new job. I’m now an associate news editor for The Aquila Report. This is why I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’m helping edit the stories that go up on the Report. For instance, the stories that show up tomorrow, I edited them. The ones that go up on Saturday, I will edit on Friday, and so on.

The job doesn’t pay much… But it gives me a chance to help and gives me a bit more experience editing so I can list it on my resume. Hopefully,  I will find a full-time job soon that pays the bills and keeps the roof over my head.

Now you know why this blog hasn’t been as active lately.

The “Learning” Myth of Trials

I’m not sure how to entitle this piece because I’m struggling with how to address the issue. The issues is the belief that when we are going through trials that we are doing so in order to learn something. Once we have learned that “something” then the trial will go away because God has accomplished His purpose in us, which, according to this myth, is to teach us some lesson.

You see this myth pop up quite often in life because when a trial that was similar to one we’ve experience before, we think: “well now, I must not have learned what God was trying to teach me last time.”

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Now let’s talk about Mother Teresa . . .

Lest I step on some ecumenical bozos’ toes, please, fellow Protestant pastors, please quit referring to Mother Teresa as some saint of Christianity. She was not, and is not a Christian. She is a great Catholic, but the two are different. Theology matters people. Mother Teresa lived her life helping Hindus become better Hindus… so they can spend eternity in hell? She was at odds with our Savior.

The Problem With a Daily Prayer Time

I know some will question the title of this post, thinking, “How can having a daily prayer time ever be a problem?” True prayer led by the Spirit cannot be a problem, however, we are fallen beings and since our biggest struggle is with the sin and flesh, we need to be on guard even in our prayers.

What I seek to help us understand as that due to our sinfulness, even knowing the truth to the contrary, we are in danger of letting our daily prayer times trip us up in our spiritual growth.

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A Rebuttal Of My Post on Vision Statements

Both Russ St. John and Don K. Clements have critiqued my post Where There is No Vision Statement… and have added something to the conversation.

Both have stated that I should not throw out the baby with the bath water. I tend to throw out a lot of babies. Their point is well taken. Vision statements do not have to be bad when used properly. I think what wrinkled my nose so much was the abuse of Proverbs 29:18 in stating the verse is about having vision statements, instead of it’s intended purpose of having God’s revealed word.

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