Letter To My Friends

Dear Friends, all of you,

As I received comments over my last post I realized that many of you have experienced the same anguish I am experienced in trying to find a good church in which to worship. Notice, I didn’t say “perfect” or “great” church, but simply a good one in which to worship.

Therefore, I’ve decided to invite all my friends who are struggling to find a good church in which to worship to move to Brenham, TX, where we will start a good Reformed Presbyterian church in which to worship. I know that some of you are Baptist, and I promise you that if you stick it out long enough with our new church here in Brenham, you will get over this as I have.

I know many of you have jobs where you are. But don’t worry, this is Texas. There are lots of jobs in the area for people with any level of skill (apparently of which I lack). So come, let us build the LORD’s church, where the preaching is solid, biblical and most importantly, guided by His Spirit. There will be calls to worship that give you reason to think, prayers that are filled with thought, communion that is never repetitive, baptism filled with joy, singing which is based on well, theologically accurate truth and a fellowship filled with the Spirit.

I know this may be difficult at first, since so many of you have family in other parts of the country, or where you live, but I have a solution to this problem as well: bring them too!

See, once all of you start arriving, we can start our worship services on the Lord’s day, and rejoice at how God will provide for all of us. Now I know some of you are thinking that I don’t mean you, but you are exactly who I am thinking of in my invitation. Yes, you will have to leave your lovely states where you reside, but look at the bright side, Texas is equally beautiful in it’s own right (see the picture above in the banner). So pack up your goods like Ma and Pa of the Beverly Hillbillies and head on down to Brenham.

I’ll leave the light on for you… and preach about HIM once you arrive.

Wishfully Sincere,



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