Letter to My Friends? Never Mind…

Every pastor needs a Jody in their congregation. Who is Jody? He is one of the members of Redeemer Christian Fellowship who took the time to get to know me and tell me that there are times when I was wrong. The elders did this too, but Jody’s expertise in it, is that he was never nice. I say that lovingly, because he would say it to me. “Nice is not a fruit of the Spirit.” That is how he would put it.

But alas, back to my point. My earlier post was a Letter to My Friends, inviting them to move to Brenham so we could start a church here. He lovingly pointed out that I really don’t have the personality to do that. In other words, I don’t have the Joel Osteen-like charisma (not of the Spirit), that attracts so many people to his pablum. In other words, Osteen can tell people week after week that they really don’t need Christ, and they lap it up like a parched dog in August.

The only people who could pull off what I just proposed are those who have cult-like followings because of their personalities. That is the last thing we want in building and growing a congregation. We really don’t need any more personality cults in the body of Christ (if they are in the body of Christ already). What we need are churches that are formed and grown by God’s Spirit, through the faithful actions of the members of the church and the leadership.

That doesn’t come about through flash, bling and smoke. It comes about by prayer, preaching, obedience, suffering and sacrifice. If all my friends were to actually sell all they had and come to a land that they do not know, leaving behind their families and such, we would have all kinds of problems once they got here. After all, many of my friends are my friends because they look at me and think: “Gee, I’m not as weird as I thought? Look at Timothy?” But they are still weird. Just kidding. I needed some humor this morning.

Thanks to Jody, I’m calling off the call for all my friends to sell all they have and come live in a place that the cows think it’s heaven, and the pagans do as well. No, stay where you are. You can still get Blue Bell Ice Cream in most of the livable states nowadays.


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